Brainikus Diet Drops

By | December 26, 2016

Brainikus Diet Drops is another slimming product that is lurking online, specifically at Amazon.

At first glace, I spotted a lot of loopholes that makes this brand truly doubtful for weight loss.

Read on and learn why this diet drop is not going to help you lose weight.

Brainikus Diet Drops


  • Natural formula
  • Refund fulfilled by Amazon


  • No official website
  • Limited information
  • Most reviews are likely fake
  • Weight loss is unlikely
  • A bit expensive
  • Can only be purchased online



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Brainikus Diet Drops is owned by a company called Polestar Nutrition. I tried to visit their website but to no avail as it was currently down at the time of writing this review.

I mentioned above that this brand has several loopholes that make it a doubtful drop. Well, the formula seems enough to convince you that it is likely a scam (more on that below).

As a dietary supplement, Brainikus Diet Drops is primarily an appetite suppressant as it uses African mango as its active ingredient.

But like other African mango-based drops such as T5 African Mango, African Drops and Super Food, this dietary drop is most likely ineffective as well.

And this product is also not that affordable – $16.95 per bottle. Since we can’t access its website, you can only depend on Amazon for any refund benefits.

Brainikus Diet Drops Ingredients

From the supplement fact below, you can see that there is no ingredient listed on its label which is odd considering that it is a supplement.

According to its Amazon sales page, the only ingredient of this drop is African mango, nothing else.

The inactive ingredients are water and 20% USP grade alcohol.

So how can you trust a brand that hid its formula from its customers? You’d be the judge!

brainikus ingredients

How does Brainikus Diet Drops Work?

Since there is no website to look for information, we can only depend on the information published in Amazon.

Polestar Nutrition claims that Brainikus Diet Drops is primarily an appetite suppressant but is also promoted as a metabolism booster and fat burner.

I really doubt these claims.

With questionable formula, you really don’t have any idea on what herbs you are taking inside your body. That is scary knowing that you don’t know what is in that formula.

Plus, African mango is known as an appetite suppressant, not a metabolism booster or fat burner. Can African mango help suppress your appetite?

How does African Mango Work?

Scientifically known as irvingia gabonensis, African mango has been used for years as a remedy for a variety of conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, cancer and many others.

But African mango is much more known as a weight loss agent, specifically used as an appetite suppressant, but there are reports that it can also help burn fat.

Studies have shown positive results though there are also some clinical studies that showed inefficacy.

According to LiveStrong, clinical studies used dosage of 150mg of African mango seed extract taken twice per day (300mg). As much as 1,050mg per serving (3 times daily) is also used.

So Can Brainikus Diet Drops Help You Lose Weight?

The answer to that is a big NO!

African mango is not completely proven as a weight loss agent. Plus, you need at least 300mg of real African mango seed extract daily in order to get some slimming effects.

Brainikus Diet Drops doesn’t reveal how much dosage it provides per serving, making it a doubtful formula for any of its claims.

Even though some African mango studies has shown efficacy on weight loss, most studies were produced by supplement manufacturers or combined with other herb agents such as cissus quadrangularis.

Is it Safe?

Brainikus Diet Drops is likely safe if it truly contains real African mango. But since we don’t have any ideas on its real formula, safety is also questionable.

You are encouraged to consult your doctor first before you take Brainikus Diet Drops.

Recommended Use

According to its Amazon sales page, you can take 10 drops in the morning, 10 drops in the afternoon and another serving in the evening.

You are not encouraged to take this product past 4pm. Do not consume for more than 8 weeks and allow 2 weeks rest period before resuming use.


Like other questionable dietary drops such as Rhino Jack, Raspberry Drops or Ultra Testosterone, Brainikus Diet Drops is also not an ideal weight loss supplement for you.

It will never trigger any slimming effects for you. But it will only drain your money down the toilet. But if you persist and want to try this drop, click the link below to visit its Amazon page.

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