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Omni Drops

Have you ever heard a supplement called Omni Drops from Omnitrition? Well, this product applies the weight loss program of HCG Diet, which requires taking real HCG (hormones) and following a low calorie dieting plan. The problem with this brand is that, there is very limited information to be found online. Even the official website… Read More »

HCG Premium Cleanse

Do you believe in the power of human chorionic growth hormone? How about a natural alternative to HCG? If yes, then HCG Premium Cleanse could be the right one for you! HCG is one of the most widely used forms of weight loss supplements. However, not everyone likes to use HCG as it requires a… Read More »

Nutra Pure HCG

Looking for an HCG diet drop brand? If yes, then Nutra Pure HCG might be the right product for your slimming needs. Human chorionic gonadotropin is a type of hormonal treatment commonly used for female fertility issues. Only recently it was used for weight loss. But does HCG works for weight loss? Is it safe?… Read More »

HCG Weight Loss Drops

Looking for an HCG supplement? If yes, then there is a new brand in town – HCG Weight Loss Drops from NexGen Biolabs. This drop is actually hormone-free and is composed entirely of amino acids and herb extracts. However, it is designed to mimic the HCG Diet that was originated by Dr. Simeon. Can HCG… Read More »

HCG Lean Plus

HCG Lean Plus is another diet drop brand that you can only purchase in Amazon. Though this is not yet popular online, this drop deserves the spotlight here as it is a “drop” supplement, and to also give you detailed information whether this brand is suitable for you or not. Read on and see if… Read More »

HA2CG Evolution

HA2CG Evolution is a homeopathic product designed to reduce your body weight fast. Unlike other HCG diet drop brands in the market, this particular supplement claims to be the most potent but all-natural formula, based on powerful amino acids and a combination of a 500 to 1,000 calorie dieting regimen. But the question is, can… Read More »

Simple Being HCG Maximizer Drops

Simple Being HCG Maximizer Drops claims to feature an “HCG”-like form of weight loss but seems to be lacking on very important factors to be considered as an “HCG”. A lot of HCG drops or even injections are always combined with their own diet protocols/plan to support HCG. But Simple Being HCG Maximizer Drops lacks… Read More »

Easy HCG Homeopathic Drops

Looking for an HCG diet drop? If yes, then you Easy HCG Homeopathic Drops can be the product that you are looking for. There are hundreds or even thousands of HCG brands in the market today, but only a handful of products can be trusted and deemed effective for weight loss. Is Easy HCG Homeopathic… Read More »

Professional Oral HCG

Professional Oral HCG is like a myth due to its lack of information online. Thanks to Amazon, I was able to know that this brand do exist online. If you are looking for a dependable and trustworthy dietary supplement, one thing that you want to know is its overall characteristics. But if you can’t have… Read More »


Want to get slim fast? If yes, then maybe IASO Ultra HCG2 can help. IASO Ultra HCG2 is just one of probably thousands of HCG-based dietary supplements in the market today. With the popularity of Dr. Simeon’s HCG diet, we can’t seem to stop supplement manufacturers to formulate their own HCG brand. But the question… Read More »

Homeopathic Assist Drops

Looking for a natural weight loss aid? If yes, then Homeopathic Assist Drops maybe the one that you are looking for. When you hear the word homeopathy, you first think of a product that is based on herbs and natural resources. That is what Homeopathic Assist Drops is all about. Read on and learn how… Read More »

Pounds & Inches Drops

Pounds & Inches Drops is another dietary liquid supplement that presents signs of being a scam product. Why? Because it promises too good to be true claims but are not precisely explained how it can be achieved. Read on and learn why we think Pounds & Inches Drops is most likely a ripoff brand for… Read More »

Shapeology Activate HCG+

Are you looking for a hormone supplement that can resolve your weight gain issues? If yes, then Shapeology Activate HCG+ might be the answer to your problem. Shapeology Activate HCG+ is one of thousands of HCG brands in the market today. However, it is actually not a hormone-based supplement, but rather more of an amino… Read More »