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FTC Disclaimer

As required by law, we are committed to give you insights about our relationship with the companies listed on this site. Please keep in mind however, that we are not associated with any of the companies found in this site.

We may receive free samples and promotions from some products that we review here, but we never get paid to do any type of review or services.

We provide links to products or adverts where we are paid commission from any sales or referrals. We also don’t accept reviews from third parties or consumers but we instead write all the reviews in this site. We have no control over their compensation or views.

The product claims are made by the manufacturers (merchants) and not by us, we have no control about any type of product claims.

Additionally, WE DO NOT REPRESENT ANY OF THE COMPANIES listed here. If you have any issues/problem with their product, please contact the manufacturer directly.

Affiliate Disclosure

This website is a review site that features the most popular and known diet drops brand in the industry today. These products are commonly found online and are not over-the-counter type of drugs that are usually found on pharmacies.

These products are decently priced at market value and are reviewed according to various factors. You have no obligation to buy any diet drop supplements you may find in this site.

These diet drop products are called affiliate products, hence this site is called an affiliate site. The affiliate codes can be found inside review posts, pages, along the sidebar, footer or at the homepage. As a review site, we are not using any contextual based ad networks (known as pay-per-click ads).

We can earn partial affiliate commissions for every sales that our affiliate codes make. This means that we are being paid for every purchase or  referral from these affiliate products. Please take note that the prices of these product or services will remain the same with or without purchases. Buying any supplements or services through our affiliate codes does not make the products more expensive just to be able to produce commissions. This type of business is called “affiliate marketing”.

This affiliate disclosure is highly similar to other types of affiliate marketing programs online. This serves our intention to run an honest business and as our commitment to you as a transparent affiliate marketers. Also, this disclosure helps us to maintain our reputation and integrity to the highest possible level.

Below are the list of affiliate networks that we use for this site.


MoreNiche is one of the most successful health affiliate network today. Initially started in the UK, MoreNiche has branched out to the US and other countries which is a testament to its growing network. Most of the products that are endorsed in this network are high converting supplements that includes weight loss, hair management, health improvement, detox, sexual enhancements and many others.

For more information on this network, please visit Consumer Education Portal.

Amazon Associates

There are no doubts that Amazon is the premier market place for affiliate products and we highly utilizes this program here. Our Amazon reviews are concise and simple to give you the best Amazon diet drop products for your weight loss needs. Below is my Amazon Disclosure statement:

“Noah Mark Rodolfo is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com products.”

For more information, please visit Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement.


ShareASale is another prominent and trusted affiliate network today. This network offers a variety of products including electronic services, health and many others. We love ShareASale due to its wide range of supplements that really compliments our product requirements.

Please read ShareASale affiliate agreement for more details.


Lastly, MarketHealth is another affiliate successful program that promotes the world’s leading health and beauty products. Though its merchants are limited, MarketHealth remains one of the top health affiliate networks online.

For more information, please visit MarketHealth marketing policy.

Privacy Policy

You are entitled to this site’s privacy policy. As a loyal reader of our site, we ensure that you know exactly every personal information we may collect or receive during your visit. This policy guarantees that we keep these data for your own security and protection. Sharing of data is a normal behavior within the Internet and we want to be as precised and transparent to you with regards to your privacy.

To maintain a good relationship to you, please read several of our policies below:

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Cookies won’t harm your device but it will help us track which part of our sites works best for you. Cookies helps us improve the features of this site, which are based from our user’s preferences. There are no ways that cookies can be used against you.

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Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

This review website is specifically designed for adults and is not intended for children below the age of 13. We operate this site in accordance to Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

We will not store, collect or use any personal information from children below 13 years.

Disclosure Policy

This website is designed to provide you with deeper insights regarding diet drops supplements. The customer reviews are factual and all content are based on each product’s characteristics. These contents are not evaluated by medical authority and are solely for educational purposes only.

To avoid health side effects, it is recommended that you first consult your health with your physician before you purchase any products that you learn here. All contents herein are not designed for prevention of diseases, treatment or diagnosis.

Please be reminded that we are not liable for any health damage that you might experience during the course of your diet drop supplementation. Please ensure that you have proper medical consent before you purchase or use any diet drops that are featured here.

Lastly, it is worth noting that there will be no advertiser or guest authors are allowed to influence the content of this review website. Some links are not entirely associated with me and just for the sole purpose of information sharing.

Terms of Agreement

Any types of actions you do within this website is a sign of acceptance with our official terms and policies as a whole. If you are against these policies, you are free not to use or patronize any services or products that are being offered in this website.