Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop

By | October 8, 2014

Have you heard about Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop? If you are new to weight loss supplements, this brand is probably the most popular diet drop in Amazon based on its hundreds of customer reviews.

Yes, Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop has tons of customer reviews and most of them are hoax. Why? Because the brand has too many bad reviews to boast off too.

Reviews are not the only concern about this product. Read on and learn why Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop is not the most ideal slimming supplement for you.

Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop


  • Standard dosage
  • May help reduce body fat
  • Provides chlorogenic acid
  • Supports metabolism increase


  • Limited information
  • Mix customer reviews
  • Pricey
  • No money back guarantee
  • Eden Pond has official complaints

Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop
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What is Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop?

This brand is owned and distributed by Eden Pond Labs, LLC. This company manufactures different health supplements that is being retailed in different online health product stores.

Curiously, Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop does not have detailed information online. Even the official website of Eden Pond doesn’t have this diet drop on its product list. So this is quite a big factor that you have to consider before you purchase this brand on Amazon.

Eden Pond claims that this diet drop can help you lose weight in many ways through its 250mg raspberry ketones extracts. As you know raspberry ketones is clinically proven to help increase your adiponectin levels.

Aside from that, Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop also contains green coffee bean extract, which the dosage is not disclosed!

Ingredients of Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop

eden pond raspberry ketones diet drop ingredientsAs mentioned earlier, there are not enough information regarding this brand online. Its Amazon page only shows that its ingredients are manufactured in GMP certified facility.

As you can see, Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop offers a proprietary formula (250mg per serving) that consist of raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extracts.

There are no additional fillers, binders, artificial flavors or harmful chemicals. This makes Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop a safer diet drop brand.

One thing that makes me laugh is that, Eden Pond claims that this brand has no caffeine, but it has green coffee bean as its main co-formula.

How does Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop Work?

Again, there are no dependable information on how Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop truly works for weight loss.

But since we have the idea about its formula, I can give you some insights on how this product works for weight loss (assuming that it truly offers authentic ingredients).

First off, raspbery ketones has different clinical studies that results in different outcomes (positive results in rat studies). One human study that has been written in this article have shown superb fat loss efficacy for raspberry ketones (lipolysis).

However, the result cannot be traced back to raspberries alone as scientists also used other compounds such as capsaicin, caffeine and many others, to test if these can help produce significant weight loss.

With Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop, its proprietary property is not dependent on raspberry ketones alone, but it also offer green coffee bean extract (though not disclosed on how much dosage it contains per serving) which is a plus for you.

Another extract in Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop is green coffee bean. What it does is to provide you with its potent compound called chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid is a chemical that is commonly found in coffee beans but is more potent if served in an unroasted state. This chemical is scientifically proven to have different beneficial effects including weight loss, blood pressure reduction and many others.

Eden Pond Labs Official Complaints

As I look for information for this  brand online, I stumbled into some of the official complaints about Eden Pond Labs, LLC., the manufacturer of Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop.

Some of the complaints are focused on trademark infringement, refund issues and many others. These complaints can be found on ReviewsTalk, RipOffReport and the official US Federal Court online files.

While these complaints does not directly pertain to Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop, you should still highly consider these official complaints to avoid association with the product or getting victimized.

Is Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop Safe?

Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop is generally safe for most adult dieters. Its formula is not too potent but in the standard dosage (250mg), which is safe for any types of weight loss program.

The caffeine content from green coffee bean extract is not published so I don’t have any idea whether this brand has significant dosage of caffeine or not.

Though generally safe, taking Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop might still trigger adverse health reactions to some people (such as caffeine-toxicity or allergy reactions). So to ensure your health’s safety, you should still have to consult your doctor before taking this diet drop.

Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop Reviews

As mentioned earlier, Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop has mixed reactions from its customers. Though there are lots of positive reviews for this brand in Amazon, I think those reviews are fake and hoax.

Why? Because the brand does have equal amounts of negative reviews, which for me nullifies the authenticity of the positive reviews.

Some of the good reviews includes:

I truly do like this product Raspberry Ketones. I seen this product on Dr. OZ show, and I ordered them right away. This is a great product. I would advise anyone to try them. They are great for losing weight. Love this product!!!!

I am on my second bottle. I have lost a total of 15 lbs. to be honest, for my best result I have also changed my eating habits and done exercise. Every little bit helps!

I have been using the drops for a little over a month. The first couple weeks I didn’t see much change, but then I started to change the portions of food I was eating (I ate a little less than normal). I lost about 6 lbs. in 2 weeks. So far it is working for me.

Some of the bad reviews are:

I would not recommend this product product to anyone. Purchased 3 bottles and it did absolutely nothing for me whether I took the recommended amount of 1 per day, then I tried 2 and 3 per day. I believe it is fake.

I was excited to try these because I’m always hungry and the word natural, weight loss, and appetite control, sounded more appealing then anything else considering I work fulltime, go to school fulltime, and gym is not a place I go but a re occurring charge on my card. I purchased the ketones, followed instructions, and I was starving. I had no energy to do anything because I was so hungry all the time. It did absolutely nothing for me to control or suppress my appetite. Waste of money!

Regardless of whether this product will help me lose weight, I would like to point out that in the product description is says “No Caffeine” while it lists “Green Coffee”, which has caffeine, as an ingredient. This was very disappointing.

My appetite increased with this product and I did not, in any shape or form, change my diet. The cravings for carbs was intense! I used it for about 3 weeks and would just fight the cravings (so not to gain weight).

Recommended Use

The recommended dosage for adults (18 years and above) is 4ml per serving (5 droppersful) daily. Eden Pond recommends that you give the product a fair trial period of at least 3 months to test your tolerance.

Do not exceed this dosage unless approved by your doctor or healthcare provider.


Eden Pond Raspberry Ketones Diet Drop has a simple formula in standard dosage that may help produce slimming effects. This brand is n0t also too dangerous even though it doesn’t disclose anything about the amounts of its green coffee bean extract. Proper supplementation is strongly suggested.

With regards to its complaints, many people are not keen on diving themselves into other people’s mess to avoid association. The complaints might not be a big concern for you, but you also have to consider this as a big factor when choosing the right weight loss supplement partner.

Overall, it is still within your discretion if this brand is suitable for you or not. To learn more about this brand or to check its price, please visit its Amazon page here.


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