HC6 Diet Drops

By | May 8, 2014

HC6 Diet Drops is another dietary supplement that is derived from natural ingredients. However, this particular brand has confused me a lot as it carries the HCG name but it claims that it is a hormone-free brand.

If you are looking for an HCG diet drop, then HC6 Diet Drops is not HCG-based and is purely sourced from a fruit extract. Confusing as it is may seem, can HC6 Drops help you lose weight?

Get to know HC6 Diet Drops more and identify if this diet drop brand can truly deliver for your weight loss program.

HC6 Diet Drops


  • HCG-free oral drop
  • Suppresses appetite and boost energy
  • Bundled with a dieting program
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Confusing statements
  • Incomplete ingredient profile
  • Limited details on how this drop truly works

hc6 drops

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What is HC6 Diet Drops?

HC6 Drops is owned and distributed by Four Sail Inc., a company based in California, USA. As mentioned earlier, this brand is not composed of hormones, but its entirety as a supplement is based on HCG dieting.

Like many other oral drops in the market, HC6 Diet Drops is bundled with its own dieting program called HC6 Dieting Plan, which mimics the conventional HCG diet.

The HC6 Diet Drops weight loss kit includes:

  • Bottle(s) of HC6 Diet Drops to be used in conjunction with the diet
  • HC6 Diet Plan
  • Revised Dr. Simeon’s “Pounds and Inches”
  • Diet Recipes
  • Weight trackers
  • Exercise planners

Why HCG Diet?

You are probably asking why did the makers of this brand used HCG Diet instead of creating their own type of dieting program? I certainly don’t know why, but I think that they believe in the power HCG Diet even though they offer a product that does not have HCG (hormones).

HCG oral drops or injections are commonly used in conjunction with a low calorie diet, which aims to trigger your hypothalamus to help mobilize the fat out of its storage areas and use it for energy. This causes thousands of calories to be available and be released as fuel.

When this happens, you won’t feel tired easily or get hungry as long as you are getting appropriate amounts of rest. HC6 Diet Drops however are hormone free but its current formula mimics the same process as HCG, to help produce fat burning and appetite suppressing action.

Since the original HCG Diet requires you to follow a 500 calorie a day meals, the HC6 Diet Drops should also be used in this similar way to produce result without the use of hormones.

HC6 Diet Drops weight loss bundle

Ingredients of HC6 Diet Drops

The official website of HC6 Diet Drops offers a limited information with regards to its true content. It only states that its only active compound is Irvingia Gabonensis, an African Mango extract.

What makes African mango their main active ingredient? Well, the makers of this brand believes that Irvingia Gabonensis can ultimately mimics the power of HCG because some studies suggests that it can metabolize fats and proteins.

While there are hundreds of brands that contains Irvingia Gabonensis for weight loss, there are no solid evidence or proof that this compound can completely aid weight loss. This is also the reason why more people are discouraged to buy African Mango products.

Can HC6 Diet Drops Work?

Again, don’t be confused. HC6 Diet Drops is not HCG-based and is purely an Irvingia Gabonensis brand. Even though HCG has its own shortcomings, there are thousands of dieters worldwide that testified for its efficacy.

I think that Four Sail Inc. should update their formula and publish its other ingredients. Limited ingredient formula will put doubts on the efficacy and safety of this brand.

HC6 Diet Drops can work if you follow a very low calorie diet, though you will naturally lose weight doing such dieting program even without using HC6 Diet Drops. Depending on HC6 Diet Drops alone may not produce results for you.

Take note though that following a low-calorie diet such as the HCG Diet can be too restrictive and should be guided by a professional dietitian or healthcare practitioner. Consult your doctor first if this type of dieting is ideal for you.

Conclusion on HC6 Diet Drops

HC6 Diet Drops can definitely give a lot of confusions on your end as it truly looks like an HCG oral drops as seen on its brand name, dieting regime, information on its website and many others.

This diet drop brand claims that it is made of Irvingia Gabonensis which is a fruit extract and not hormones. If you like to try this brand, you need to strictly follow its dieting plan for you to achieve great results.

To check the prices of HC6 Diet Drops and its bundles, please visit its official website for more information.


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6 thoughts on “HC6 Diet Drops

  1. Tony Tigre

    Your review failed to mention that HC6 Brand diet drops have a NPN (natural product number) issued from Health Canada and are approved to be sold for weight management. This is very important as it shows the integrity of the product.

  2. Reader

    It does produce results I have been doing it on the 5-600 calorie it suggests 800-1000. I have done actual HCG in the past, this is not identical as far as weightloss and energy etc. but very very close in comparison and I like that it has not hormones in it. Maybe for your next review you should test the product too. I believe that most people are looking for that when there is a review of a product of this kind.

  3. cate

    i used HC6 for the first time and i had tremendous result, i was skeptical when i first use it but then after a week on the drops, i lost 5 lbs, i completed 30 days and lost a total of 25 lbs, which is my target, and while on a maintenance i lost another 2-3 lbs a week, which made me so happy and i recommended it to my friends and they too are happy about it..

  4. samina

    what if you don’t do the 800-1000 calorie diet, will you still lose weight if you just eat regular ? because I am only 130 pounds and i just want to lose like 10 pounds. will it still work???


    1. N.M. Rodolfo Post author

      You need to do the diet, that is the only way you can lose weight. Try HCG Complex, it is a proven HCG pill than this HC6. Click the link on the sidebar to learn more.


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