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By | June 3, 2014

Have you tried an HCG slimming product? Whether you took the conventional injectibles or homeopathic methods such as diet drops, HCG remains to be one of the most popular methods in the weight loss industry, and also one of the most controversial. Can HCG Complex be any different?

People wants to lose weight fast and most of them are looking for a weight loss miracle such as surgical procedures and hormonal supplementation such as HGH or HCG. While both methods are not approved by the FDA, many people are still experiencing great results from these two methods.

If you are confused whether to try an HCG dietary supplement or not, then this product review might give you a better insight on how HCG really works for weight loss. Below are the highlights for today’s featured product – HCG Complex.

HCG Complex


  • 100% natural formula
  • Promotes natural weight loss
  • Burns fat and increases energy
  • One of the most popular HCG brand
  • Money-back guarantee


  • You have to follow a low calorie diet

hcg complex

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First off, HCG products do work but there is a catch, most HCG brands do have its own dieting plan which is derived from the original low calorie dieting regime of Dr. Simeon. HCG Complex is no different as it has its own low calorie dieting program, which you have to strictly follow if you want to lose weight successfully.

What is HCG Complex?

HCG Complex is manufactured and marketed by BioSource Labs LLC, a US-based pharmaceutical company that offers quality weight loss supplements.

As mentioned earlier, HCG Complex is one of the most popular HCG diet drops in the market and thousands have experienced great weight loss results following its dieting plan. If you are new to HCG, you first need to know how HCG works to better understand how HCG Complex can help you lose weight.

How HCG Complex Works?

Since HCG Complex is composed of 100% natural formula that mimics the weight loss power of real HCG. It is understandable that this brand works by stimulating your hypothalamus.

Hypothalamus signals your body to release stored fat into the bloodstream, where it is then free to be used by the cells for nourishment. This process won’t result to weight loss directly however, you can lose weight by reducing your food intake.

Dr. Simeon (the one invented the HCG Diet) discovered this method as a proven way to lose weight safely and fast. By affecting your hypothalamus in a positive way and reducing your food intake such as a low calorie dieting regime, it will definitely lead to significant and effective weight loss.

When your body reduces its supply of calories, it is forced to use mobilized fat from your bloodstream. This causes the release of abnormal fat without using your other fat and lean muscle mass. When this occurs, you can lose weight in the most stubborn body areas that are hard to burn such as hips, thighs, buttocks and upper arms.

What makes HCG Complex a great supplement is that, it does not just mimic HCG diet, but it also has a proprietary blend of natural compounds that are well known to the weight loss industry.

Ingredients of HCG Complex

This diet drop brand was previously packed with small amounts of real hormones. But since the FDA regulates the use of HCG by supplement manufacturers, BioSource Labs obliged to cooperate and changed its overall formula.

Here is what BioSource Labs had to say about its new formula:


For several years there has been a sort of “grey area” with the FDA regarding Homeopathic hCG. In 2011, the FDA sent letters to several companies selling homeopathic hCG. The FDA required these companies to stop selling their product.

At that time, many companies pulled their products from the market and went out of business. Many others changed their formulas, fearing repercussions with the FDA.

Our company has never received any letter from the FDA. We have had no direct pressure from the FDA to change our formula or to stop selling our original HCG Complex.

However, “grey area” is a dangerous territory to operate from as a business. BioSource Labs has spent the last few years searching for an alternative in order to step out of the “grey area”.

However, we wanted to make sure that any change to our product would work the same, or better than our original formula while maintaining 100% all-natural ingredients and no harsh stimulants.

After years of testing numerous formulations with countless different ingredients, WE FOUND IT!

With more advanced, state-of-the-art formulation and manufacturing technologies that exist today, we have discovered of a particular blend of ingredients that has proven to work even better than our original formula.


Our new formula is 100% all-natural, with no harsh stimulants. HCG Complex is a unique blend of over 25 different ingredients, scientifically validated to help your body reduce hunger and lose weight by activating your body’s natural production of hormones.

Our formula boasts a powerful essential and non-essential amino acid profile and herbal blend that work synergistically get your body into fat-burning mode.

When used in conjunction with the original hCG protocol developed by Dr. Simeons, you may experience virtually identical weight loss benefits as you would using pharmaceutical hCG, without the potentially negative side effects.

Our drops are specifically engineered and formulated to help stimulate your body’s natural hormone production (endogenous hormone production), instead of ingesting or injecting hormones from an external, oftentimes unknown source (exogenous hormones).

Naturally triggering your body’s weight loss responses is a safe, effective alternative to pharmaceutical hCG, helping you avoid the potential risks of unnecessary exogenous hormone dosing.


After exhaustively testing our new formula with a specific set of dieters, and comparing the results against our original formula, and pharmaceutical hCG, we can confidently say that our new formula is a step in the right direction.

Results indicate our new formula provides the same incredible weight loss with some added benefits. Dieters have consistently reported feeling less hunger and cravings, and less fatigue in the early stages of the diet than with our original formula.

We rolled out our new formula in early July, 2016 to a small group of customers. As the feedback came in, we immediately made the new formula available to everyone. As of July 15, 2016 we have completely transitioned to our new formula, and we will no longer be offering our original formula.

Sometimes change is a hard thing. As a company we have spent a lot of time and money making sure this change would be in the best interest of our customers. We will continue to provide only the best of the best to our customers.

So BioSource Labs is truly transparent to its customers and they want you to know everything about their products.

As mentioned above, HCG Complex is now composed of a natural formula which is designed to further help you reduce weight by targeting key weight loss areas – energy booster, metabolism increase, muscle protection and fat burning properties. No hormones on its bottles.

This formula is packed with fucus visiculosus, panax quiquefolium, L-Arginine, L-Leucine, L-Ornithine, L-Glutamic acid, L-Carnitine, vitamin B12, magnesium phosphate cell sales and nat phosphate cell salts.

HCG Complex does not have any harmful chemicals, artificial flavors or any stimulants that can cause jittery side effects.

hcg complex cta

Is HCG Complex Safe for You?

HCG products in general are not recognized by experts and are not approved by the FDA because it needs more clinical trials on its true slimming effects on the human body.

Critics also suggest that the weight loss that most people experienced in taking HCG, are primarily caused by following a low calorie diet, not the HCG supplement itself.

This is the reason why HCG products are not intended to use by just anyone who wanted to lose a few pounds. In short, it is not ideal for people who are not used to a low calorie dieting habit.

On the other hand, HCG Complex has its own minor issues with some of its customers. However, HCG Complex is overall considered a safe supplement as it has no known side effects. The dieting regime is basically not too restrictive and can be started in a slow pace.

If you are hesitant to use HCG Complex, then I suggest that you consult your doctor first or a healthcare professional before you take this supplement or its dieting plan.

Can HCG Complex Help You Lose Weight?

There are no doubts about HCG Complex’ efficacy. Most customers have reported an average of 1 pound weight loss a day using this diet drop and following its dieting plan.

However, if you think that the diet plan is too restrictive for you, then I highly suggest that you stop taking HCG Complex and try other diet drop brands that are worthy of your health investment without giving you a big burden to your diet.


hcg complex actual product

Actual Product



Not all people are suitable for HCG supplementation especially if you are not used to a low calorie dieting plan.

However, HCG Complex offers a wide range of weight loss benefits for you because it does not depend entirely on HCG hormones or diet alone, but to its other proprietary ingredients as well.

Plus, HCG Complex is one of the most trusted and popular HCG diet drops in the market today. If you are looking for an HCG diet drop that can truly deliver results, HCG Complex is one of your best choices.

With its whole new ingredients without the use of real hormones, you can bet that HCG Complex is now much more effective and safe to all types of dieters.

You can check the price of HCG Complex at its official website.

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46 thoughts on “HCG Complex

    1. noah Post author

      Thank you for your comment Jeff. How much did you lost so far?

    2. Kim Kennedy

      The product has changed in July. There is absolutely no hcg in the bottle. Homeopathic or otherwise. And, what’s worse, they did not share that info with the consumer. Only buy if you don’t actually want hcg. It is not the same. I’ve done real hcg before. This does not function like hcg does. I am 7 days outside my 30 day refund window due to being out of town. No response yet to my request for a refund. Shame on this company for trying to sell something that they are not actually delivering!

  1. Lee

    Just received my bottle! Fingers crossed! I will update you with my results here.

    1. stephanie

      I’ve been taking HGC for only 6 days,,,I have already lost 8 lbs…However you must stick to the diet plan. Dont eat or drink after 8 pm..Im very excited…

      1. N.M. Rodolfo Post author

        Thank you for sharing your experience with HCG-Complex.

        Yes, this drop is truly an amazing product which is the reason it is out top rated brand.

        Keep us up to date Stephanie 🙂

  2. Lucas

    I’ll be switching back to this diet drop after a terrible experience with PhentaSlim. I lost 29 pounds with this drop a year ago and the secret is just to follow its 500 diet protocol. If you follow the program these work well. If you aren’t willing to follow the portions and types of foods you are allowed to eat while using these drops, then most likely it won’t work. This is the only dieting program I have found that actually works for me. Got to comment on this to help other dieters about this drop.

    1. noah Post author

      Thank you Lucas for your inputs. HCG Complex surely is much more worth investing than dietary pills such as phentermine wannabe Phentaslim.

      Glad that you switched to HCG Complex again. Regards

  3. Johnny

    So far, great results. This drop is very easy to use. I lost 20lbs but no muscle mass. I even cheated some days and still lost the weight. I highly recommend this product.

  4. Ted

    The plan is so hard to do, so I decided to focus on my workouts. I lost 12 pounds so far with this drop but Im not sure if it is taking this brand or due to my exercise regimen.

    1. noah Post author

      Thanks. Just ensure to work according to plan and you will surely reach your weight loss goal.

  5. Ted

    The scale shows that I lost 6 pounds. Opening another bottle and hopefully my weight loss will continue. Slow but satisfying for me.

    1. noah Post author

      I recommend you to combine regular exercise more to double up your results. A little bit of effort can be a big help. Thanks

  6. HCG Critic

    I loved Phen375 before after taking garbage HCG brands. But after trying this HCG complex, I never thought it would help me lose weight but it did. I am about to change my impression with regards to HCG. Many thanks to you…

  7. Josh

    Weighed this morning and I am down 2 pounds this week. I started lifting weights this week also and my clothes are already feeling more comfortable. My appetite is still under control and I’m feeling great! I want to lose 40 pounds! 38 more to go!

  8. Julia

    Hi Guys.. Is there anywhere tht I can get HCG Complex here in Singapore? Thx ya!

    1. noah Post author

      Hey Julia,

      HCG Complex is not available at any local supplement stores in Singapore. But you can purchase it online. Just visit the link above to purchase directly from the merchant’s site.


  9. Rafael

    hello i ordered the Tlc 20 Drops and used them for a whole week and Do Not work at all , i was always hungry and craving sweets even tho i increased the dosage drops and nothing happen ,i emailed them trying to get a Refund Back and and no response or answer the phone calls , will not recommend this product of Total life Changes . any advice on this hcg Complex will be appreciate thanks.

    1. noah Post author

      Resolution Drops (TLC) is a doubtful brand with regards to efficacy and safety. Plus, it is quite very expensive. Though it has tons of positive reviews, it is important that you consider other worthy products before you purchase TLC.

      HCG Complex (along with Activ8 X) is one of my bestselling product so far (as far as affiliate stats are concern). HCG Complex has low probability of triggering side effects (I am not saying that it is a side-effects free drop) and most customers are quite satisfied with the results.

      You can actually see the comments of people above and see if this drop is the most suitable drop for you.


  10. Carley

    I was on “vibrational infused” horomone free hcg drops and did not do well, I’m doing the hcg complex now but, while in the first 4 days I lost 12lbs, I plateaued after that a couple days and this morning I gained 4lbs, I’m following the protocol so why am I gaining? I have a hyperthyroidism, could that effect it?

    1. noah Post author

      hi Carley,

      Your condition might be the factor but the effect should be weight loss, not weight gain. Losing 12 pounds in just 4 days is quite an achievement, but I highly doubt if HCG Complex was the cause of it as you are suffering from hyperthyroidism (which could be the main cause why your weight is unstable).

      I suggest that you stick to the diet plan (you are taking the drops in less than 10 days) and take the drops accordingly. Consult your doctor also for your condition.


  11. Cassandra

    Hey guys my name is Cassandra and I’m new here. I just started phase 2 on hcg complex drops. They don’t taste like any of the hcg drops I’ve bought before. I know they’re alcohol free. They sort of taste like grape but with a water texture. Not sure if I’m the only one tasting this? I will keep posting my results weekly on here. I’m excited since I’ve read great reviews about these drops.

  12. Courtney

    I just got my bottle of HCG complex and the first thing I noticed is that it tastes completely different than the other HCG drops I have done in the past (hcg triumph and a dr prescribed hcg). This has a fruity watery taste not the bitter hcg I’m used to. Is it because of all the other ingredients in this brand? Doesn’t that dilute the real hcg?

    I noticed the same thing. I’m a bit skeptical and hope I didn’t buy diluted product! How is it working for you?

    1. N.M. Rodolfo Post author

      You get a free bottle for every purchase of HCG Drops. You can use the bottles for:

      43-Day Diet – (1) 2oz Bottle
      Day 1 – Day 21: Take 10 drops 3 times per day

      63-Day Diet – (2) 2oz Bottles
      Day 1 – Day 42: Take 10 drops 3 times per day

  13. sheen


    I just want to know if it is safe to be on this diet program if you are taking birth cotrol pills?
    thank you.

  14. Kayla

    So this is a legitimate website selling hgc drops? I’ve read so many reviews and people saying to watch out for scammers. I want to try this so bad but I’m scared to waste money if they don’t work and scared of any side effects. Anyone want to ease my decision on buying this product?

    1. N.M. Rodolfo Post author

      Hi Kayla,

      First off, thank you for sharing your concern with regards to review sites and also for choosing this site as your weight loss starting point.

      There are a lot of scammers out there, you are right. What we offer here are unbiased opinions about products. I review products according to many factors such as formula’s potency, testimonials, official website, refund and many others. If I were to scam people, I would’ve recommended all products that I reviewed in this site. But I didn’t.

      I sure promote products that I think has the capabilities to trigger slimming effects, even if the brand can give side effects (I cite this in my review of course). You see, you don’t need to believe every word that I am saying here, it is entirely up to you if you like to buy HCG Complex or other drops that you found here.

      What review sites can offer you are their “opinions”. Of course, opinions can be wrong to some people that is why there are some critics that are against my judgements. But that is alright because it is just natural.

      But what I guarantee is that, my opinions here are not biased and are completely dependable. I recommend diet drops if I think that it is beneficial for my readers. I don’t just uplift brands here.

      HCG Complex on the other hand, is one of my top rated diet drops here. Why? Because it is probably one of the bestselling HCG drops in the online market today. Thousands of people have used it and thousands are satisfied with it.

      Actually, HCG Complex is the most visited page of this site (and my bestselling affiliate product). So far, I didn’t encountered any returns for this brand which means that it is effective for weight loss.

      For safety, HCG brands works the same way – you have to follow a calorie-restricted diet program. That is the only drawback when you use HCG brands, including HCG Complex. But, HCG Complex is an extremely effective drop and if combined with proper diet, you are guaranteed to get significant results.

      Am I forcing this brand to you? It is your own discretion if you want to try this brand or not. You can try searching other review sites and you will find that HCG Complex is indeed a very powerful diet drop.

      If you are unsure or too concerned about safety, I advise you to consult your doctor first before you take HCG Complex or any other weight loss products.

      Thanks 🙂

  15. Farzana

    Can someone please tell me if using these drops and dieting according to the plan, if anyone experienced very bad hunger pains ? I’m just curious. I am thinking about purchasing but wanted to find out this first. I cant be in hunger pains all day long for 21 days.

    Also, for someone that needs 20lbs to lose if this would work for me ??

  16. Cherity

    Has anyone tested this hcg complex with a pregnancy test? Please let me know cause if yes, then I’m convinced!

    1. Donna

      Yes.. I did check it with a pregnancy test, because I wanted to see for myself. And it tested positive.

      1. Melissa

        I just tested mine… No HCG! These drops do not contain any HCG. Their website even shows a list of ingredients (which is also on the bottle) that does not include HCG. However, I am still loosing weight by following the protocol. I do have hunger though.

        I think this company really ought to advertise that their drops do not contain any actual HCG. It’s false advertising calling their product “HCG Complex” as it contains ZERO Hcg.

        1. N.M. Rodolfo Post author

          Thanks Melissa for your opinion.

          This drop previously had HCG but they took it out to keep within the government’s policies. Their site is quite transparent with regards to this.

          Cheers 🙂

  17. Isabel

    The HCG Complex site goes into great detail on the power of HCG, and the HCG diet, but their product contains very little HCG, and when I questioned them about the amount, they wouldn’t respond to that, only explaining that it’s an HCG alternative. Their money-back guarantee is almost impossible to get (which they don’t explain initially), and I am questioning the legitimacy of this site more and more. I’ve have 1 chat and 1 email where the person refused to answer my questions, and they were very simple and straight forward.

    What I want to understand is why/how this drop works if the HCG amount is so low. If anyone has info, I need to hear it. Thanks!

    1. N.M. Rodolfo Post author


      You are right that HCG Complex has little HCG. But the reason why this diet drop is so special and proven effective is because of its “natural” ingredients aside from having HCG, plus the fact that you are going to follow their own HCG diet.

      Those are the reasons why HCG Complex is one of the bestselling and effective HCG-based suplement in the market today.

      With regards to your inquiries to the website, I am sure they will respond to you in no time!


  18. Sagan

    Would i experience hair loss with this brand? I did with another brand…extreme hair loss.

    1. N.M. Rodolfo Post author

      Hey Sagan,

      There are no reported hair loss effects for HCG Complex. I suggest that you talk to your doctor and see if this type of supplement can trigger irritation for you.


  19. rhea

    hello, i wanted to ask if this will work for me, i am on my last step for purchasing this product as i really wanted to lose weight but my problem is, i am into training or exercise.

    1. N.M. Rodolfo Post author

      HCG Complex is one of the bestselling dietary supplement in the market and is a proven product. If you are into training or exercise, then it will be an advantage for you too as it will further increase your chances of success!

  20. Dee

    Hi, Is there a taste to these drops? i had taken HCG before and they were tasteless; but these blue bottles have a taste. Please let me know!

    1. N.M. Rodolfo Post author

      Hello Dee,

      The reason why the new HCG Complex has a taste because BioSource Labs recently changed its ingredients – from having HCG, to now non-HCG (purely herbal formula).

      This is in response to FDA’s regulation with regards to the use of hormones in dietary supplements. I added a note above to clear any confusion about HCG Complex’s new formula.

      Rest assured that HCG Complex is now much safer and much more effective than its previous formula.



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