HCG Weight Loss Drops

By | March 17, 2016

Looking for an HCG supplement? If yes, then there is a new brand in town – HCG Weight Loss Drops from NexGen Biolabs.

This drop is actually hormone-free and is composed entirely of amino acids and herb extracts. However, it is designed to mimic the HCG Diet that was originated by Dr. Simeon.

Can HCG Weight Loss Drops help you lose weight? Read on and find out if this drop can truly deliver results.

NexGen Biolabs has stopped production of HCG Weight Loss Drops. As an alternative, you may want to try Xenitol Drops, a carb-blocking slimming aid also from the same manufacturer.

HCG Weight Loss Drops


  • Natural and hormone-free formula
  • Provides some measures of weight loss
  • Enhances energy and physical performance
  • May help improve sexual health
  • Help strengthens the immune system
  • Money back guarantee


  • Limited information
  • Diet plan likely not included
  • A bit pricey – $29.99 per bottle

HCG Weight Loss Drops


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As aforementioned above, HCG Weight Loss Drops is a product of NexGen Biolabs, one of the most popular dietary supplement manufacturer online.

Just like other human chorionic gonadotropin drops that I reviewed here like HCG Lean Plus, HCG Weight Loss Drops is completely hormone-free and is packed with natural compounds.

This drop is formulated to help burn your body fat, increase your energy levels, improve your sexual and brain health, and may also provide immune system boosting properties.

As an “HCG drops”, HCG Weight Loss Drops is recommended to be used alongside a low-calorie diet plan. Sadly, there are no details whether or not NexGen Biolabs will provide their own dieting program.

HCG Weight Loss Drops Ingredients

Unlike real HCG Drops such as HA2CG Evolution, HCG Weight Loss Drops is packed with amino acids and herb extracts.

Its proprietary blend is called Active-8 Complex (160mg per serving) and is composed of L-Ornithine, L-Carnitine, beta-alanine, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, maca root extract, rhodiola rosea extract, astragalus root and pygeum Africanum bark extract.

The inactive ingredients are purified water, glycerin USP, citric acid, potassium sorbate, potassium benzoate, natural flavor and stevia leaf extract.

hcg weight loss drops ingredients

How does HCG Weight Loss Drops Work?

There are actually limited information about this brand online. The good thing is that, we have its complete formula which we can use to analyze each ingredients and see how this drop works for weight loss.

Amino Acids

Essential amino acids are found in almost weight loss, nootropic or sports nutrition supplements. Why? Because these compounds are the building blocks of protein and are known to provide dozens of health benefits.

Amino acids of HCG Weight Loss Drops are L-Carnitine, beta-alanine, L-Glutamine, L-Ornithine and L-Arginine, all of which are known to help improve various areas of health – sexual, cardiovascular, muscle building, physical performance, energy increase, brain health and of course, weight loss.

L-Carnitine is the most popular amino acids for weight loss due to its touted fat burning properties. Though known as a weight loss agent, there are mixed studies regarding carnitine’s true slimming potential.


Maca Root

Have you heard about maca? This plant extract is much more popular for its sexual health and infertility improving benefits. This extract is also used in most sports nutrition supplements due to its energy-boosting and physical performance enhancing properties.

Since NexGen Biolabs claim that HCG Weight Loss Drops can help improve physical performance and sexual desire, then this is the reason why they included this plant in their formula.


Rhodiola Rosea

Want to strengthen your immune system? If yes, then rhodiola rosea extract can help improve your immunity.

Rhodiola rosea herb extract is clinically proven to help protect cells from damage, may help improve brain function and also supports energy boosting properties.

HCG Weight Loss Drops probably use rhodiola to help boost its brain-enhancing properties.


Similar with rhodiola rosea, astragalus plant extract is used to make medicinal drugs. It is widely used as immune system booster and can help increase your energy levels.

Based on WebMD, astragalus can effectively reduce the bad symptoms of chemotherapy treatment, and can help treat diabetes.

Pygeum Africannum

Lastly, HCG Weight Loss Drops is packed with pygeum Africanum extract.

Pygeum Africanum is clinically proven to help improve sexual desire, prostate health, urinary health, brain function, and may also help support cancer treatment and provides anti-inflammatory properties.

NexGen Biolabs is probably using pygeum Africanum extract to boost its sexual health benefit claim.


Can this Drop Help You Lose Weight?

Though this diet drop brand is not packed with tons of slimming agents, it can still stimulate weight loss by improving your athletic performance and energy levels.

Taking advantages of that extra energy and using it on your workout program, will definitely help you lose weight fast. Plus, the amino acids of HCG Weight Loss Drops are known to help trigger muscle growth and fat loss.

Additionally, if you know how to undergo a low calorie diet plant (500 calorie plan will do), then this will further increase your chances of natural weight loss.

Aside from possible weight loss benefits, HCG Weight Loss Drops can also help improve your immunity, sexual health and your brain health.

Is it Safe?

The good thing about this drop is it feature a formula that is not too potent, giving you less chances of weight loss. It is also hormone-free and has no stimulants.

This means that HCG Weight Loss Drops is LIKELY safe for most adult dieters.

But you also have to take extra caution if you are following a low calorie dieting program. As you know, a restrictive dieting plan is not ideal for anyone who’s purpose is just to lose weight.

If you are not an expert dieter, ensure that you have a dietitian when following a low calorie dieting plan.

To ensure a safe supplementation, talk to your doctor first before you take HCG Weight Loss Drops.


NexGen Biolabs recommend that you take 1ml (approximately 20 drops), twice per day or as recommended by your health care provider.

No other instructions can be found online.


HCG Weight Loss Drops is not completely impressive if you just based your judgement on its formula.

However, this diet drop can do more for your health than any other HCG drops that I featured here.

Aside from possible weight loss benefits, HCG Weight Loss Drops can also help improve your brain function, physical performance, energy levels, sexual health and your immunity.

To purchase HCG Weight Loss Drops, please visit its official sales page here.

NexGen Biolabs has stopped production of HCG Weight Loss Drops. As an alternative, you may want to try Xenitol Drops, a carb-blocking slimming aid also from the same manufacturer.


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4 thoughts on “HCG Weight Loss Drops

  1. Jane

    I’ve tried many different kinds of HCG drops… Never experienced one that burns.. But this brand burns and has a strong smell… Is it supposed to be like that or could it be it’s a bad one? I’d like to keep trying it.. But it’s kinda hard to leave it under my tongue for even 5 seconds because it burns…

  2. Catrina Burgos

    It’s my 3 day taking the drops and I feel a little weird I’m getting tingling in my body is that a side affect?

    1. N.M. Rodolfo Post author

      It could be a side effects. If the symptoms persist, I suggest that you stop taking it.


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