Optimal Effects Diet Drops

By | January 30, 2017

Optimal Effects Diet Drops is another dietary supplement that you can find online. It is found mainly on Amazon and claims that it can help suppress your appetite.

Most diet drops claims the same thing. So can this drop make a difference? Does it have any features that can make stand out from the rest?

Read on and learn why we believe that Optimal Effects Diet Drops isn’t going to help you lose weight.

Optimal Effects Diet Drops


  • Natural formula
  • Side effects are unlikely
  • Affordable


  • Limited information
  • Lacks customer testimonials
  • Formula is not potent
  • Weight loss is unlikely
  • No ingredient amounts
  • Can only be purchased online
  • No money back guarantee

Optimal Effects Diet Drops


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This diet drop is owned and distributed online by Optimal Effects, a health supplement manufacturer.

As mentioned above, Optimal Effects Diet Drops was created to promote natural weight loss by reducing your hunger cravings and totally suppressing your appetite.

They use a known appetite suppressant agent called African mango, a herb that is not just known for appetite suppressing properties but also for fat burning.

Unlike other supplements such as Androtex, Shred, or Ultra Drops, Optimal Effects Diet Drops is not an expensive brand with only $16.97 per bottle price tag.

However, this drop is not covered by any returns, refunds or money back guarantee. So this means that your purchase is final.

Optimal Effects Diet Drops Ingredients

This drop feature a formula called African Mango Complex, which gives 200mg per serving. Obviously, its main ingredient is African mango.

Other ingredients include amino acids L-Ornithine, L=Glutamine, L-Argnine, beta alanine, rhodiola, miaan, pygeum Africanum, astragalus, mara and lola maim.

Inactive ingredients are water and 20% USP grade alcohol.

Optimal Effects Diet Drops

Can Optimal Effects Diet Drops Help You Lose Weight?

If we base our assumptions on the potency of its formula which is 200mg per serving, it is quite easy to conclude that this drop ain’t going to trigger any significant slimming effects.

But to have a transparent review, we will analyze its main ingredient – African mango, if it can truly help you lose weight.

Facts about African Mango

Known scientifically as Irvingia Gabonensis, African mango has been in the weight loss spotlight for years now due to its alleged powerful weight loss properties.

High in soluble fiber, African mango is believed to have fat burning capabilities that can trim your belly and waistlines.

This herb is also touted as a powerful appetite suppressant. Actually, it is not completely an appetite suppressant agent, but can only reduce your sugar cravings.

Its blood sugar-lowering health properties makes African mango as a beneficial herb that promotes not just weight loss, but also other health benefits.

But according to WebMD report, African mango is not that potent with regards to weight loss. Most research are funded by supplement manufacturers which puts a lot of doubts on its claims.

Plus, African mango studies that have shown positive results are commonly combined with low-calorie diet and used alongside other ingredients such as green tea.

Lastly, the clinical dosage for African mango is about 1 grams, three times daily (3 grams per day).

Optimal Effects Diet Drops only provides 200mg per serving (about 600mg per day) which is nowhere near the aforementioned clinical dosage.

This facts alone shows that the formula of Optimal Effects Diet Drops is not as potent as advertised.

Even though it contains other ingredients such as amino acids and other herbs, I don’t think that these additional agents can fully support weight loss.

Optimal Effects Diet Drops

How about Safety?

If there is one thing that you can cite positive for this brand, it is its safety. I found no side effects for this brand online.

This is probably due to its all-natural formula with no stimulants, harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

Even though safe, you are still encouraged to consult your doctor first before you take Optimal Effects Diet Drops.

Directions of Use

According to its label, adults can take 10 drops, three times per day or as directed by a health care professional.

Place the drops under tongue.


Optimal Effects Diet Drops is not an ideal supplement for you as it offer a not so potent formula that will never trigger any measurable weight loss for you.

Though a safe drop, there are other brands that are much more reputable and proven than Optimal Effects Diet Drops.

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