Resolution Drops

By | April 9, 2015

Resolution Drops is a liquid slimming drop supplement from Total Life Changes (TLC) which requires cardiovascular workouts or strength training and a restrictive 1,200 calorie dieting plan.

But like other dietary supplements, Resolution Drops also claims that it can help you lose weight in just 23 days.

Too good to be true? Read on and learn if this diet drop can truly help you lose weight.

Resolution Drops


  • Natural formula
  • Claims to provide health benefits
  • Tons of customer testimonials
  • No known side effects
  • Money back guarantee


  • No ingredient information
  • 1,200 calorie diet plan required
  • You need to exercise
  • Contains toxic agent – nux vomica
  • Side effects are possible
  • Highly expensive – $99.95

Resolution Drops


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Resolution Drops is one of the most widely marketed liquid weight loss supplement online and offline. In fact, this brand can be purchased on several supplement retailers such as Amazon and other independent distributors.

You say distributors? Yes, distributors! TLC is a network marketing company that offers independent “affiliates” (known as IBO) to market Resolution Drops via the Internet or offline distribution (retailing).

I am not against MLM business models, but if you are a seasoned businessman, MLM have lots of disadvantages especially to customers. So lets not get into MLM seriously as this post is not designed for that matter.

As mentioned above, Resolution Drops is owned by health supplement manufacturer Total Life Changes, this diet drop is primarily an appetite suppressant but it is also designed to help flush out fat and toxins. With its 2-stage weight loss, you are required to follow a flexible 1,200 calorie diet plan with Resolution Drops.

Plus, Resolution Drops is ideal for dieters who are physically active, those who exercise or do weight lifting. Total Life Changes recommends that you use Resolution Drops after you use HCG Drops, which is another product of TLC.

Resolution Drops is not just for weight loss, it is also formulated as an energy booster and maintenance product.

Resolution Drops Ingredients

Total Life Changes claimed that Resolution Drops is formulated from certified-grade raw materials, which are processed according to GMP standards.

However, there are no details to be found on Total Life Changes’ website regarding its ingredients. Its formula is completely concealed so I have no idea what this supplement is made from.

How does Resolution Drops Work?

Since Resolution Drops doesn’t reveal its ingredient profile, I can’t say accurately how this diet drop truly works for weight loss.

This brand is primarily marketed as an appetite suppressant by controlling your sugar additions and cravings. The official website of TLC also claim that it converts your body fat into positive energy, enabling you to last on your workouts.

How about its Calorie Diet Plan?

I believe that this diet drop really works by just following its diet plan, where you are given a 750 to 1000 calorie dieting program.

TLC claim that you only need to eat healthy and weight loss will follow. With its own dieting plan, you must count your caloric intake and eat 750 to 1,200 calories a day.

The closer you stay to 760 calories, the more you will lose weight. They claim that you can lose 1 to 3 pounds on using Resolution Drops a day following this diet plan. Too good to be true? Its sounds like it is.

TLC suggest that you follow the diet plan to the letter and if you eat foods that are not recommended, you will feel side effects such as dizziness or nauseousness. They even classified 4 food categories that you should have to avoid during your Resolution Drops supplementation.

resolution drops ingredients

Can Resolution Drops Deliver Results?

Though Resolution Drops comes with dozens of testimonials and good reviews online, I really doubt its overall efficacy due to the following reasons:

  • No formula was presented
  • It requires you to exercise and do weight lifting
  • It is designed to supersede HCG Drops, another TLC brand
  • It requires you to follow a 1,200 calorie diet plan

Resolution Drops can be your ideal weight loss supplement if you have no objections about its requirements. And if you are still willing to try, I still believe that this diet drop won’t give you significant weight loss either.

Is it Safe?

There are no known side effects for this brand online. Due to its non-disclosure on its ingredient profile, I can’t say if this diet drop can trigger stimulant side effects or any other factors that can cause adverse health reactions.

The important thing is, you have to consult your doctor first, before you use Resolution Drops.

Recommended Use

Total Life Changes recommends that you take 15 drops, three times a day before eating. If you feel any side effects, you should lower your dosage to 10 drops.

Resolution Drops is not ideal for breastfeeding and pregnant women, people who are under 19 years of age and those who are currently suffering from any medical conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disorders.


Resolution Drops features a lot of weight loss claims that are not supported by facts or clinical trials. It doesn’t even have any information on how it works, especially its formula.

One thing that is another turn off for this brand is its price, which is $99.95 per bottle. This is way expensive than any other dietary drops in the market.

One of the reasons I believe why this is an expensive diet drop is that, TLC is a network marketing company which pays their affiliates 50% commissions per sales. So they have to increase their mark up by 100% to accommodate the affiliate’s commissions.

If you are not keen on becoming an “affiliate” for TLC and just want to purchase the product, then you can go to straight to their Amazon sales page.

While this diet drop features an impressive customer testimonials and may very well deliver some measures of weight loss, I can’t completely recommend this brand for your weight loss program due to the reasons I mentioned above.

But if you still want to try Resolution Drops, then you can go directly to their dedicated Amazon sales page here.


Recommended Diet Drop Brand
HCG Complex

hcg complexOne of the bestselling dietary drop in the industry, HCG Complex is professionally grade, full strength slimming supplement that will focus on different key areas of weight loss. Try this diet drop now and see the difference of its potency compared to other popular brands.

  • Contains natural HCG formula
  • Burns fat and increases metabolism
  • Most trusted HCG drop in the market today
  • No HGH or stimulants (no known side effects)
  • Money back guarantee

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N.M. Rodolfo

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82 thoughts on “Resolution Drops

  1. Lisa Minter

    There is a lot of information misrepresented here. There is full disclosure on the ingredients as they are on the bottle. Resolution Drops are made from all natural homeopathic ingredients. No where on the bottle does it say to consult your doctor before taking and it is not a “two stage” diet plan.

    1. noah Post author

      Hi Lisa,

      I stand firm on my review as there are no ingredient details on its official website (including yours). All details on this review are facts, based on my thorough research of the product.

      I always recommend my readers to consult their doctor first before they purchase a diet drop. I believe there is nothing wrong with it as I am very concerned on the welfare of my readers here.

      I stand corrected with the “2-stage” diet plan. However, this diet drop truly requires a 1,200 calorie diet which is too restrictive on average dieters.

      If you have details such as ingredient profile that you can share, then I am happy to modify this review.

      Thank you and regards

      1. Pete

        Resolution drops with total life changes brown bottle contains active and inactive ingredients


      Resolution drops sell for 59.95 on the Total Life Changes website.

    3. miss vanavery

      I am taking the drops, and yes on the bottle it gives full ingredients. These do work!

  2. sarah

    Thank u noah. I was comsidering this but by them not mentioning ingredients is very sketchy. Good looking out!

    1. noah Post author

      Thanks Sarah!

      Aside from having no ingredient profile, this brand is very expensive too. I suggest that you choose from my recommended diet drops here – Activ8 X or HCG Complex.

      If it’s okay with you, kindly share this post on your social media profiles!


    2. nicky

      The ingredients on right on the bottle im with tlc and i have in front of me and the ingredients ar on it and same with when you sign up there info on every product

  3. Evette

    Thanks for the info. I’ve been searing the web looking for the actual ingredients and haven’t been able to find them anywhere. There is no way I’m purchasing or ingesting this concoction without being able to see the list of ingredients.

    1. noah Post author

      Thanks Evette. If this review helped you a lot, please share this post to your social media profiles and spread the word online. You can help more people to learn more about this dietary supplement.

    2. Alyssa

      To previous comments about the resolution drops . The drops are all natural based and my doctor did the okay for me. Also it has no HCG which are very awesome to women who wants to lose weight ( like myself ) but has fibroids, which HCG will definitely harm your body if you take it with them. I’ve been on the resolution drops and it’s great. Yes the 1,200 calorie diet is very restrictive but I eat a little more than that and I have already lost 17.03lbs and this is my 3rd week. How can a person who downs another product also offer you one of theirs ? That’s a sales tactics. I purchased my drops from TLC website because it is a verified source. Yes I paid $100.00 for my drops and i’m happy that I did. I can’t and will not put a price on my health or life. I hope this helps

      1. noah Post author

        Hey Alyssa,

        Thank you for your inputs. First off, I don’t completely denounce Resolution Drops but I just stated the facts.

        Second, this is a “product review” site. I had my disclosure published at the side of your screen and a link in every pages of this site. Yes you are correct that there are some sort of sales tactic (all diet pill review sites do), but I am transparent on my intent as it was properly disclosed to all of my readers, and yes, including you.


      2. Charlotte

        Hi Alyssa,

        I was reading everyone’s comments and they all are very informative but because you mention HCG and Fibroids, this made me kind of nervous because I had no idea that HCG was harmful to the body if you have Fibroids. I have tried HCG and found it to work well, and was planning on going at it again until I read your comment. I do have Fibroids.

        1. Kerry

          Hi could anyone that’s used the resolution drops, tell me what diet is best to follow.
          What to eat & what not to eat.

      3. Jansala

        Hi. I just received my drops on today and I have a question. My bottles say take a dropper three times a but I see other people saying take ten to fifteen drops a day. Is the dropper equal to five drops?

        1. N.M. Rodolfo Post author

          Hey Jansala, let’s wait for other users of this drop to comment on this. 🙂

  4. Roa

    The ingredients are listed on the bottle:
    Active ingredients: Ammonium bromatum (6x), Avena sativa (6x), Calcarea carbonica (6x), focus vesiculosus (6x), graphites, ignata amara, lycopodium clavatu, nux vomica, sulphuricum acidum, thyroidinum

    Do some more research you will be excited at what you find!

    1. noah Post author

      Thank you Roa for the inputs. Though an image can help solidify this information.

      Below are the characteristics and health features of each of these ingredients (based on the info given by Roa):

      Ammonium bromatum – a homeopathic remedy agent that is though to help aid obesity but is much more known as a pain reliever (headache, chest pain, etc.)

      Avena sativa (oats) – widely used to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and will help prevent mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. Oats are linked to weight loss due to its ability to regulate bowel movements

      Calcarea carbonica (calcium) – like oats, calcium helps in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. But calcium is much known for its ability to strengthen bones and teeth and prevention of calcium-deficient based illnesses such as osteoporosis. Researchers suggest that people with enough calcium tends to control their weight more effectively than those calcium deficient individuals. This report is not conclusive though.

      Focus vesiculosus (brown seaweed) – this herb is known to have fucoxanthin, which is thought to have weight loss properties. But research suggest that you have to combine pomegranate oil supplements with brown seaweed to be able to successfully achieve weight loss.

      Graphites – graphites are used to combat weight gain in pre-menopausal women. Some research have shown that graphites have a positive effect on people who are overweight, especially those who have problems with nutrient absorption and slugging metabolic rate. These reports are inconclusive.

      Iignata amara – another homeopathic remedy that is intended mainly for anxiety. It is not completely associated with weight loss.

      Lycopodium clavatu – a homeopathic remedy for cancer diseases. Not for weight loss.

      Nux vomica – a medicinal herb that contains potent chemicals (strychnine) that can help treat mental disorders. Nux vomica is also an appetite stimulant, so I guess that Resolution Drops will help you to eat more than the other way around. Nux Vomica according to WebMD is also UNSAFE!

      Sulphuricum acidum (sulphuric acid) – this acid is not linked to weight loss but is beneficial to other key areas of your health such as your eyes, intestines, abdomen, skin and many others.

      Thyroidinum – another homeopathic remedy that is not associated with weight loss. This agent is known to help relieve head ache, diarrhea, allergies and many others.

      As you can see, most ingredients are not in Layman’s terms (which are confusing to ordinary buyers) and are not commonly used in the diet drops industry. Plus, if you can send an image, it will help people to learn its dosing and its complete ingredient list.

      Thank you very much Roa!

  5. Melissa Jenkins

    Resolution does NOT require exercise in order to work. You can exercise while on the product but it is NOT required. You can lose 30 lbs or more in 30 days if you follow the eating plan and take the drops. People write stuff on these websites and all I can do is shake my head.

    1. noah Post author

      Hi Melissa,

      Below is a statement published from TLC’s official site regarding exercise:

      UNLIKE cycles of HCG drops, which recommend little to no cardiovascular exercise or weight lifting, Resolution Formula No.20 SUPPORTS daily workouts and weight training and best of all, the more ACTIVE you are, the more calories you can consume.”

      It doesn’t state the word “REQUIRED“, but the message clearly states that you must be physically active in order to benefit from this drop.

      Do I need to explain more? How’s your MLM holding up?


  6. Monica Sanders

    First off I’m pretty sure sarah has put many things in her body without knowing or looking at the ingredients as many of us have if that’s the case we wouldn’t be seeking products, secondly their was a price decrease to $78, and lastly HCG made my hair fall out knees ache and I had MANY side effects even after reading the ingredients. In fact when going to medical school we all ordered it and many were hospitalized off this natural remedy, Resolution drops didn’t give us that. As far as mlm goes although I’m not apart of this one from a financial stand point it’s structured like anyone else in the world it’s just the pyramid is upside down and opportunity is for those in the front. Some grow and advance themselves while others don’t, it’s a choice.

    1. noah Post author

      Hi Monica,

      It seems that you are an affiliate of IASO (TLC). First off, I am not against MLM or network pyramiding schemes. As you said, its your choice. My thing is to provide factual information here about the products that I review.

      Obviously, you don’t know how to market your product (or your website) online. You are even trying to add your site’s link here (which is clever but won’t work). 🙂

      Lastly, the price didn’t drop and it even increased (see the image below)

      amazon resolution drop's price tag

      Sorry Monica, Resolution Drops is completely expensive and there are tons of diet drops out there that are more cheaper. But again, my readers are still the one who will decide if they want to purchase this drop or not. As you can see, I am not completely against Resolution Drops, I even said that this drop can provide some measures of weight loss.

      Oh wait…Are you referring to the HCG Drop brand that TLC now promotes? Be careful on what you say online, it may backfire on you! 🙂

      1. MaryWaller

        I recently paid 79.95 for my drops. The price did decrease. This is my first time using and I start tomorrow. Will find out if you’re correct real soon….

        1. N.M. Rodolfo Post author

          Thanks Mary. Your results will help other readers about Resolution Drop’s efficacy. We will certainly wait for it!

    2. vicky

      It may not send you to the hospital just yet.I too was excited about this product until someone pointed the ingredient Nux Vomica which is a poison and therefore unsafe.Dont know why they put this in the drops.Please be careful.

  7. Keely

    People can have their own opinion, but definitely get your facts straight before you want to think you know what your talking about. I have a pdf file full of all our ingredients in all our products that i would gladly email to anyone. Resolution “supports” exercising as any diet should. It does not say “need” when you are losing weight you should exercise no matter what to be healthy and fit. There are NO phases as you stated. So now that you want to bash resolution, i would love to see your product website. It is not good marketing to bash others to make yours look better.

    1. noah Post author

      Hi Keely,

      Well, you people in the network marketing industry don’t get it do you? First, I don’t bash Resolution Drops. I even said that it can deliver some measures of weight loss. I just published what I think are facts about this brand here. This is a “PRODUCT REVIEW” website and I am of course entitled to my own opinion. You know what? I am helping many people save money from purchasing over expensive drops online and maybe, avoid getting scammed.

      Since you mentioned that you have the formula for Resolution Drops, you can send that file through my email and I’ll have it published here. Unlike other product review sites that are firm on their review (even if the review was bad), I am willing to edit and provide additional information for the benefit of my readers. This is to prove my transparency on this product.

      Regards 🙂

  8. Danielle

    Not sure why folks are mad. Why read a product review if you already fully support the product.
    I have to agree with Noah on this one, you don’t get the ingredients to the TLC Resolution drops until you have the product in hand. I just received mine today and I looked up each ingredient as did Noah. I will be testing this money back guarantee on this one. The Nux Vomica that is in the srops has been demed unsafe as it is used in rat poison and essentially contains strychnine which is a poisonous. Even small amounts have been shown to cause problems, particularly for those with liver disease. Since we have no clue how much of the Nux Vomica is in the product, I am opting to forego the potential benefits in exchange for my health and my life.
    But for those who are happy with it, carry on. I, however, will stop here.

    1. noah Post author

      Thank you Danielle for your inputs especially with Nux Vomica.

  9. Lisa

    I don’t think that the Nux Vomica is safe which is one of the ingredients in the resolution drops…it is poisonous

    1. noah Post author

      Yes, Nux Vomica is unsafe especially if taken for more than a week or in high amounts of 30mg or more. Since Resolution Drops conceals its ingredient amounts, you have to be careful with its nux vomica content.

      Source – WebMD

      1. Alex

        Nux Vomica is a remedy created from the seeds of the strychnine tree. Also known as poison nut or vomiting nut, this tree is an evergreen tree that is native to East India, Burma, Thailand, China, and Northern Australia. Nux Vomica is a basic digestive remedy that helps relieves nausea, sour burping, gas, bloating, indigestion, feelings of hunger even even when you are full. Nux Vomica is also often suggested to those that tend to diet for several days at a time, then suddenly binge on days worth of calories, all within a short period of time. Those that will benefit from this remedy often suffer from anxiety problems, or have a stressful lifestyle, which is believed to cause the sudden binging.

        1. Katie

          Strychnine is a poison. It has always been known as a poison that induces vomiting and kills slowly. I do not usually comment on these type of sites but, the fact that you are promoting such a lethal ingredient is cause for concern. This is probably the reason the ingredients list is kept secret until after purchase. I hope this helps. Again the choice is the individuals to whether or not to consume. Personally I do not want to die.

  10. Stephania

    I am new to all of this, but am reading reviews to determine my level of involvement with the product(s). I do like to apprise myself of all information available. A well informed consumer, is a safe and satisfied consumer. However, I just wanted to comment on the pricing: I paid considerably less that $114 for the Resolution Drops. Now, I did purchase them in late July, for $79.95. I am adding the (my–new) product page in my “name and email submission,” so that you (only you) may review it for accuracy.

    Of note:
    1. I am not on a restrictive diet, and I have just continued my weekly routine of monitoring my “steps” and cardio routine. I have seen a few pounds fall off, since using the drops; that I did not have prior, even with my weekly cardio routine.

    2. It is true that the ingredients are not noted. However, I wonder if it is due to copyright or patenting? …not sure.

    Overall, thank you for the reviews, as I am still researching the line–for my continued use.

    Kind Regards,

    1. noah Post author

      Hi Stephania,

      First, I don’t publish links here. Your link has your username embedded on it. You are quite clever on doing that, but not clever enough.

      Second, $79.95 price tag on TLC’s official website is enticing but obviously still pricey. If you can encourage your fellow affiliates at TLC to sell the drop with similar price on Amazon, then it would be really helpful, but still pricey


  11. CB

    I am currently using the Resolution drops and I am losing weight. I am looking forward to my 23rd day on this product. I’m sure I will be down 15+ pounds. Yes, I exercise 4 days a week. Yes, I eat 1000 -1200 calories a day and yes if you need a boost to your weight loss program try it…..

  12. Romey

    This is actually my very first time trying a diet supplement. I’m on day 3 of the resolution drops and working out as well. However, I don’t see any result as of yet and I hope it’s not going to be a disappointment! Unfortunately I paid $110 from a local affiliated person and she did not give me the 30 days money back guarantee so I may just have lost my $110.

    By the way the taste is very strange! yakki 🙁 and i was told its tasteless and that is not true.

  13. Brown Sugar

    Just got my first bottle haven’t started as yet, was doing some research before I start and came across your sight that is very informative, will continue to follow reviews and when I start will send feed back. Thanks

  14. rachel

    If I have a day where I have a cheat day why do I gain weight so quickly? I’m afraid when I’m off this product I’ll just gain everything back!

    1. Paula

      Those were my concerns as well Rachel! This is why I have not purchased. I’d hate to have to be on the drops for the rest of my life just to keep my weight down. I’d rather opt for the old fashioned HEALTHY way of getting fit & losing weight, rather than the “quick fixes”. Anything worth having you’ve got to work hard for. Nothing is free…I’d hate for people to get the weight loss results at the expense of their health or, even worse, their LIVES!!!!

      1. Sassygirl

        I have the same concerns and will definitely NOT be purchasing this product. I agree with you Paula, unfortunately you will have to be on these drops forever to help maintain your weight loss! People need to do the math before purchasing, you will be surprised how much money you will be throwing away! Losing weight the healthy way with eating the right foods is the correct way!

        1. Dana Escobar

          The point of doing the Resolution Drops is not only to loss the weight, any diet has a purpose, the purpose of it is to get are bodies to get use eating a moderate meals, I done the resolution drops for 3 months and lost 90 pounds, the only side effect you get its when you eat sugar, fried foods, but that only when you on the drops, I see everyone is so worried about gaining the weight back but the purpose is to help you eat healthy moderate meals and learn not to stuffed yourself of food after the program you can eat everything just in moderations, there no point of being in a diet or completing it when after you going to be stuffing yourself with food, you have to learn to eat in small portions

  15. Elaine

    Thank you so much for all of your honest inputs and replies. I really appreciate reading what the ingredients were. I purchased the drops about a month ago, and was scared to take them because I did not know what the ingredients were. All I was told by the distributor was, “It’s all natural.” It tastes disgusting, and burned my tongue. My account was automatically renewed without me signing up for auto ship, but I was able to get a refund the next month. Needless to say, I stopped taking the drops. I wish everyone else success with them, but they are not for me.

  16. Sassygirl

    Thank you for your review! The only way to weight loss and maintaining weight loss is through healthy eating and exercise! I was considering these drops after see some friends who have lost weight but now that I’ve read your review, then read the comments I’m definitely NOT going to purchase! You will have to use these drops forever to maintain your weight loss which will become very costly (do the math before buying). The fact that there is a potential poison in this product scares me as well! I’ve talked to my doctor and she does not back this product up so I will be taking her advise not to purchase!

  17. Tara

    I’ve been taking it for three days now and have been having serious headaches with it…. My representative never explained that I needed 1200 calorie diet To go along either

    1. N.M. Rodolfo Post author

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us. This will help people to know more about this drop.

  18. Stephanie

    How can you review a product you havent used?? That’s like reviewing a movie you haven’t watched. I was a very relunctant customer of resolution drops, but they made a believer when i was done six pounds in 2 days… and 21 pounds in 18 days.

    This is not an honest product review. You are just trying to sell your own drops. The ingredients for.resolution are widely available… I even have an ingredient list that explains what each ingredient does in your body. I will post it when I get home.

    1. N.M. Rodolfo Post author

      Hi Stephanie,

      I am publishing your comment to show my transparency to Resolution Drops. You may submit your information here about this drop’s ingredients. Some readers here might learn something from you, which I’m sure are very much interesting!

      You have a point on the way I review products. First off, you can do a review of any health products you want by just looking at different factors – formula, company reputation, customer testimonials and many others. It is like identifying a particular disease by just looking on various symptoms (you don’t need to be a doctor to that).

      I see that you are a little pissed off with my review. It is okay, I accept critics and like I said, your opinion is valuable to my readers who think they can depend on Resolution Drops.

      Every product review sites review supplements the same way as I do. You are right that I am uplifting a few brands here but I assure you that those brands are legitimately popular and highly effective for weight loss. I am not forcing these products to my readers. It is within their own discretion whether they will buy these products or not.

      Unfortunately for Resolution Drops, I see this drop not fitting for my readers and that is an HONEST REVIEW. It is for the welfare of my readers and I think I helped thousands of people from taking products that are not worthy of their health investments. I do set up my disclaimer page for people like you so you can understand how product review sites work.

      Again, your opinion is appreciated and if you can give me the information that you are talking about, then I will gladly post it here for the benefit of my readers 🙂

  19. AiKisha

    I enjoyed this review. I just started taking the drops 5 days ago and i wonder if i have lost. I don’t seem to see a major difference. I had a birthday over the weekend and drank quite a bit. I wonder if drinking will give me adverse affects?

    1. N.M. Rodolfo Post author

      It contains nux vomica which is not safe. Consult your doctor first before you take this diet drop.

  20. Fruitful

    Hi Noah,
    I know this is an older post but I purchased the resolution drops over a month ago but haven’t started taking it yet… Wanted to start today and decided to do some more research and came across your site, I did pay $79.95 and the ingredients are listed on the bottle, thanks breaking them down the nux has me worried because I’m not one to rely on any product but things are getting crazy and could use some motivation… I will excersise no matter what I choose but the resolution drops doesn’t require excersise, it says that e
    it supports exercise and the more active you are the more calories you can consume it doesn’t clearly state that you must be physically active. I even copied from your post but you seem to have misread it. I did a copy and paste. 😘Anyhow thanks for the input.

    Below is a statement published from TLC’s official site regarding exercise:

    “UNLIKE cycles of HCG drops, which recommend little to no cardiovascular exercise or weight lifting, Resolution Formula No.20 SUPPORTS daily workouts and weight training and best of all, the more ACTIVE you are, the more calories you can consume.”

    It doesn’t state the word “REQUIRED“, but the message clearly states that you must be physically active in order to benefit from this drop.

    Do I need to explain more? How’s your MLM holding up

  21. Del Edwards

    I joined TLC to use the products. After about a year I decided to try the Resolution 20 drops. I got all of the ingredients from the company and a recommended meal plan. Nothing works for everyone, but these drops work for me. I understand all about MLM’s and I’ve been in several business, but with this one I have only shared the drops with a few others who ask me what I’m doing, but I do not do it as a business (I am not on any auto ship plan with the company… Just basically using it as a consumer/customer). I can’t tell you exactly how they work, but I can share what they do for me. Primarily, they act as the best appetite suppressant I have ever tried. I have no side effects, no jitters, no weird feelings at all and yet I also have no cravings, no hunger and no desire for sweets when I’m on the drops (I stopped using them to see if I could continue the recommended diet with them. They definitely do work for me so I’m using them again until my weight loss journey ends). Positive effects that I have experienced while on the drops include 2-7 lbs of weight loss per week depending on how much I eat I guess (not sure) but I definitely lose weight effortlessly. I have been able to get off ALL diabetic medications since on the drops, probably because of being able to successfully eliminate wheat and sugar from my diet which is easy to do when on the drops because I simply have no desire or cravings for them. I have metabolic syndrome, but all my symptoms have normalized/vanished. I now have a completely normal menstrual cycle for the first time in over 20 years. I have experienced increased energy and a significant reduction of inflammatory based pain. And I do NOT exercise. The reason that the website says that exercise is supported is NOT because it is required. The company also sells HCG drops and you are not supposed to exercise while on the HCG plan. They are simply letting people know that they CAN exercise while on the Resolution plan IF THEY CHOOSE TO. In other words, exercise is not prohibited with the Resolution plan as it is with the HCG plan. But I don’t exercise. Everyone will not experience my results, but this is what has happened for me. I’m very grateful to have found this solution. If there was something comparable with the same naturopathic and homeopathic type of ingredient list, I would try it, but I can’t find anything comparable. As for the ingredients and the uses you listed, saying that some of them have nothing to do with weight loss simply tells me that you probably don’t have a neuroscience background. Calming the mind and stimulating the right chemical secretions into the brain and the body is crucial to weight control. So while to you it may seem that some of those ingredients are irrelevant to weight loss, nothing could be further from the truth. Every brain is different and some people may have a negative response to this formula or experience negative feelings while their body adapts to it, but fortunately for me, it just works well.

    1. Jackie

      Hi Del~ Just curious if you have experienced any hives or skin rashes while taking the drops?

  22. Raki

    I brought the drop and the tea did not work for me followed stick diet plan do and don’t still have not drop an ounce
    so expensive and yet not worth it I’m from Trinidad .. won’t recommend for any one at all
    waste of money !!!!!!!

    1. Elaine

      I totally agree!!!! The drops burned my tongue. I can only imagine what they do inside my stomach

    2. Del Edwards

      It didn’t work for one of my close friends either, but it sure works for ME. I would recommend that people give it a try. My close friend returned the bottle and got a full refund.

  23. Reeci

    I lose my provider… I was tryna order some drops Thursday

  24. Reeci

    I been taking my drops for 3 days no weight lost… I bought the tea no weight lost… Can I get my money back… This crap is not cheap.. I have wasted enough money and time with this bs..

  25. Riqell

    You could have contacted TLC! NO ONE IS ALLOWED AND IT IS BANNED TO SELL OUR PRODUCTS ON SITES SUCH AS EBAY, AMAZON AND ETC! So to whomever is doing this is in VIOLATION if TLCs policy and you should report them ASAP! TLC only sales on its OWN site. Now a rep can make it’s own store and set it’s own prices but never in those sites. Any other site is by a distributor only. Secondly, Resolution drops ingredients are on the bottle. Thirdly, you should also contact the company and you’ll know for a fact that EXERCISE is not required and you do not have to be ACTIVE. Being active is only an addition and it works even with the lazy people. BTW the price is now $59.95. Overall, it is a great product and it has helped lose 2-4lbs daily to my surprise and without exercise. Also, to the earlier comment from
    Elaine, why did you put them in your tongue? The directions HAS NEVER told you to put them ON your tongue. It says UNDER and it has a sweet taste to it.

    Anyway your post was a great read and will be reviewing other products reviews from you. Have a nice day.

    1. N.M. Rodolfo Post author

      Hi Riqell. Thank you for sharing your experience with this drop.

      First off, you should be the one to report those people within your circle that are selling on eBay or Amazon, it is not my job to do so. Now that you know that these stores exists, it is your responsibility to act as these stores really hurts your product.

      The reviews here are factual and the comments are from real people. I see the you are another marketer for TLC and of course you uplift your product as if it is the best drop out there.

      I appreciate your comment here, but next time, try not to place your marketing link here as most of your colleagues are doing. It is an annoyance in my part deleting those links.

      Thank you

  26. Kerry

    Hi, I’ve just started my drops should it come with a diet plan or just do it your self using a 1200 calorie intake?
    Eating a lot of protein is this best to do?

  27. N Defreitas

    These are the side effects of the product: Yes, losing weight is working for some, but the long term price to pay with your health in the end is not worth it. I too used the drops no more than ten times and after reading these post and reviewing the product on, I emptied the rest down the sink. I realize that simply cutting out white flour, sugar, chocolate & fried foods( not a big fan of either) from my diet and eating 1200 calories a day, plus working out to keep fit. I am able to lose weight .

    Other Names: Brechnusssamen, Kuchla, Kupilu, Noix Vomique, Nuez Vomica, Nux Vom, Poison Nut, Quaker Buttons, Shudha Kupilu, Strychni Semen, Strychnos Seed, Strychnos nux-vomica, Vishamushti, Vomiquier.

    Review this Treatment
    24 User Reviews
    Nux vomica is a plant. The seed is used to make medicine.

    Despite serious safety concerns, nux vomica is used for diseases of the digestive tract, disorders of the heart and circulatory system, diseases of the eye, and lung disease. It is also used for nerve conditions, depression, migraine headache, symptoms of menopause, and a blood vessel disorder called Raynaud’s disease.

    Other uses include treatment of “tired blood” (anemia), as a tonic, and as an appetite stimulant.

    Men use nux vomica for erectile dysfunction (ED, impotence).

    In manufacturing, nux vomica is used as rat poison. That’s because it contains strychnine and brucine, two deadly chemicals.

    How does it work?
    Nux vomica contains strychnine and other chemicals that affect the brain and cause muscle contractions. This can lead to convulsions and death. Strychnine in amounts that are too small to produce symptoms can still be a serious problem. Small amounts of strychnine build up in the body with continued use, especially in people with liver disease. This can cause death in a period of weeks. Strychnine poisoning can be detected with laboratory tests.
    Nux vomica is UNSAFE. Taking nux vomica for more than a week, or in high amounts of 30 mg or more, can cause
    severe side effects. Some of these side effects include restlessness, anxiety, dizziness, neck and back stiffness, spasms of jaw and neck muscles, convulsions, seizures, breathing problems, liver failure, and death.

    Special Precautions & Warnings:
    No one should take nux vomica, but certain people are especially at risk for toxic side effects. These side effects are especially dangerous if you have any of the following conditions:

    Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Taking nux vomica can harm both mother and child. Don’t use it.

    Liver disease: The strychnine in nux vomica can cause liver damage or make liver disease worse. Don’t use it.

    I was not aware until I accidentally clicked on this site, and it was for a reason, but I am happy that I caught on before finishing the bottle.

  28. Terri Pettaway

    Good Evening,
    This has been an excellent and knowledgeable reading experience.
    Prior to purchasing Laso Tea and Resolution Drops from TlC’s website an inquiry was made of a TLC Distributor of products being listed on and Ebay. I haven’t began taking either product at the time if this writing but no further orders of the Resolution Drops will be made by me as well as informing everyone of this and your website.

    Thanks for the work you do in providing us with your reviews. I will be ordering the drops you recommended. Have a wonderful day.


  29. Krystal

    The Resolution drops are clearly labeled and the ingredients are both listed on the bottle and on the official website for the Total Life Changes program. I am not a seller. I started taking the drops and following the 1200 calorie diet plan 2 weeks ago. Yesterday marked the start of my third week. I am down 13 pounds and have not even started the exercise program. I started out at 297 pounds. This diet plan is working for me and it is easy to follow. Whoever is attacking this product obviously knows nothing about it. Best wishes to all who are proudly on the TLC program and are experiencing amazing results.

    1. Kerry

      Hi could you tell me what you’ve been eating on a daily basis for this plan.
      I’ve just ordered some.

      1. Bobby Greer

        Kerry I can do more then that I can email you a generalized meal plan. And I can tailor it too your specific needs and goals. My nephew whom is 12yrs old 4ft 11 was weighing 205.6 lbs on the July 4th. He lost 24.6lbs in 30 days & 33 total lbs in 5 days with the drops and the tea. Email me privately so we can discuss your goals and options. Real life unedited or photoshopped pics of the people I serve.

        1. Kerry

          Hi yes that would be great, Thankyou.
          My email is…..[email protected]

  30. Coco

    I purchased the drops from an independent consultant. The drops have not suppressed my appetite. I have had an increased craving for sweets since starting the drops. I’ve been able to stick to the 1200 calorie diet and workout plan. However, due the the side effect of post- menopausal bleeding, I’ve stopped taking them. I started having lower belly aches, then the sporting. This started less than a week after starting the drops. Oh, and I didn’t lose any weight the week I used the drops. I might add that I didn’t take them three times a day. Only in the morning and evening.

  31. Jummy

    Just got mine two day ago and I started using it this very morning. Pls I need a meal plan so as not to exceed 1200 calories daily. My email add is meetogunbor@ yahoo. Com

    1. N.M. Rodolfo Post author

      It is much safer if you consult your doctor first before you take this drop. Besides, it does have ingredients that are known harmful. 🙂


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