As a “diet drop” review site, we review health products (or supplements) that we believe will give you the best health care as much as possible. One of our mission is to provide you with quality and informative reviews that will help you achieve weight loss success.

As such, we are also against scam products that are always lurking online. Scam products are everywhere but they are mostly found on weight loss supplements because of its high demand in the market.

The Internet is an easy money for scammers and opportunists. This page will give you ideas on how you can avoid getting scammed online.

How to Pinpoint Scams from Legit Products?

As a consumer, you can easily be blinded by good marketing tactics and marvelous claims by weight loss products from various online sources. A well-designed website and a tricky marketing strategies can lure you to buy a certain product without knowing that it is a scam.

With that said, below are some of the factors that you should highly consider before you purchase any diet drop brands online.

  • Unverified testimonials
  • Ridiculous too good to be true claims
  • Offers free trials
  • No official website
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Tons of press releases online with similar content

Unverified Testimonials

Testimonials or customer reviews are a big factors that can help you decide to purchase a particular product or not. Users from different walks of life can testify if a brand really works or produces side effects.

However, most products do have fake or unverified testimonials to entice customers to make a purchase. The following tips can help you identify hoax from real customer reviews.

  • Check the reviewers photos if it came from stock photo sites
  • Check the video reviews if it came from video sharing sites
  • Research the name of the reviewer

Stock photos are used for different purposes, one of them is for faking product testimonials. If you have doubts on the character of a certain review, then search him/her to different stock photo sites. Similar goes to video testimonials.

If you are easily attracted by good testimonials, then these factors can help you to identify hoax from true reviews, which prevents you from wasting your money, effort and most probably side effects.

Ridiculous Too Good to Be True Claims

Another marketing tactic that is used by most pharmaceutical companies is making ridiculous weight loss claims. Below are some of the too good to be true claims that you will most probably see in most weight loss supplements.

  • Lose weight without dieting and exercise
  • Get slim in 3 days!
  • Lose 10 pounds instantly!
  • The best supplement in the market!

There are hundred more claims that you can find online. If you see suspicious claims such as these in a particular product, then you know that it is a hoax.

Offers Free Trials

There are some companies that offers free trials of their products. While this marketing method seems to be a good way to introduce their products to customers, most of these companies have other things in mind.

If you think that offering free trials is a sign of the company’s legitimacy and honesty to you, then think again. There are always danger in transacting in these types of scams.

For example, companies that offers free trials often require you to submit your credit card details or Paypal account. You will not be billed a single cent as it is a free trial but you are still required to give your financial details.

Here are the tricks. First off, free trials are of course free for the first product but the succeeding shipments are not. Since you gave your credit card details, you will automatically be billed for the succeeding orders. Most companies do tell their customers that they will automatically bill you for succeeding orders. However, there are still more companies that won’t tell you this otherwise.

Second, the product you ordered is free of charge but not the taxes, handling or shipping costs. This means that you are still paying for these extra costs which could be a surprise for you.

We are not saying that all companies that offer free trials are scams or their products are ineffective and unsafe. You need to choose a reputable and well-established diet drop brands to ensure that you will get what you asked for.

No Official Website

There merchants that has no official websites and only depends on retailers such as Amazon or eBay. This is one of the biggest sign that you are getting a questionable product. If a certain product has no official website, then it will be a disadvantage for you because:

  • No contact information
  • No customer support
  • No refunds or money-back guarantees

So buying a product from a merchant that has no official website is like buying from a stranger. Be wise and protect yourself from scams.

No Money-Back Guarantee

First off, depriving you with a money-back guarantee feature does not necessarily mean that a certain product is a scam.

Some companies don’t offer money-back feature or refunds because of various reasons. However, if all the factors listed here are present in a particular brand together with no refund, then this product is a doubtful on and could highly be a scam.

Having this feature though is a great privilege and advantage for you.

Tons of Press Releases with Similar Content

Press release website are commonly used by webmasters and online marketing experts to uplift or improve their website’s ranking to Google or simply for their own marketing efforts. However, if a certain product abuse the use of thousands of press release sites for their product’s marketing program is already a cause for concern.

How to catch a press release if it is a scam? The only way to tell if a product is doing bad marketing strategies is through its content.

To identify if the product is a scam, you have to apply a thorough research about the content it uses for its different press release pages. These content is most probably duplicated to produce more articles, which is then submitted to thousands of press release sites.

This is not in line with Google’s policy with regards to cloning sites, mirror or duplicate content issues. You can simply use Google search for a particular press release and see if it shows similar pages in the web results.

Be a Wise Online Shopper! will help you to avoid online product scams as much as possible. Rest assured that all featured diet drops here are well-reviewed for your own protection, interest and benefits.

Plus, as a seasoned webmaster and online marketers, we guarantee that we abide all aspects of running an online business particularly with regards to product reviews. We only provide information here and it is completely up to you if you decide to purchase from the featured brands here or not.

We hope that you learned a lot from this short tutorial in identifying online product scams.