Transformation Diet Drops

By | July 22, 2014

Transformation Diet Drops claims to be one of the best and safest diet drop brands in the market and is said to be a hormone-free product.

While claims are usual to the diet supplement world, the makers of this drop may have been too confident of their product as they are giving statements that are too good to be true. As you know, over hyping a product might not be as truthful as it seems, making a particular brand to look more hoax or scam.

Read on and learn if this brand can truly help you lose weight, or it is just one of those brands that just want to get their fair share of the big weight loss market.

Transformation Diet Drops


  • Natural and hormone-free drop
  • Burns fat and suppresses appetite
  • Money back guarantee


  • Too good to be true claim
  • Limited information
  • Tons of negative reviews
  • Poorly designed official website

Transformation Diet Drops

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Transformation Diet Drops Overview

Transformation Diet Drops is owned by BSkinny Global, an American company that manufactures weight loss supplements that are mostly based on known fruit and herb extracts. Its laboratory is said to be FDA compliant and GMP certified.

This diet drop is a hormone-free formula that is composed of a proprietary blend of 20 proven weight loss and fat burning agents (mostly amino acids) headed by African mango extract.

Transformation Diet Drops is primarily designed to burn your fat away, while helping you to manage your appetite easily that will constitute to fast weight loss.

While this seems to be an okay brand, there are dozens of flaws or shortcomings that I found, which I think is worth mentioning for your information.

First, the official website of BSkinny Global is poorly designed, which only highlights its products without information. Imagine an official website that features products without any details how its products work? It is truly an site that is not worth visiting. Plus, all links are pointing to its Amazon sales page, yes another annoying feature of BSkinny Global website.

Second is its claims. When you visit Transformation Diet Drops sales page in Amazon, you will see a claim that you can lose one pound a day during your supplementation. This sounds too good to be true considering that the brand does not require you to exercise or follow any kind of diet plan.

Lastly, there are tons of good reviews for this brand online and most of them looks like fabricated or invented to boost its marketing campaign? Why? Because there are also a lot of negative reviews in Amazon.

Ingredients of Transformation Diet Drops

As mentioned earlier, the ingredients of Transformation Diet Drops are all natural and known weight loss agents. Most of these ingredients are amino acids that will help you burn fat while supporting muscle growth.

Its proprietary formula is composed of African mango, L-Ornithine, L-Carnithine, tyrosine, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, tryptophan, beta-alanine, GABA and hoodia gordonii extract.

There are no other ingredients that have been published online besides from the mentioned ingredients above.

How does Transformation Diet Drops Work?

There are no dependable information that can be found online on how Transformation Diet Drops truly works for weight loss. You just have to look deeper into its formula to have an insight on how it can produce positive effects on your health.

First off, African mango is known to be a fat burner, energy booster and an appetite suppressant agent. It helps limit the damages of starch in your diet, which reduces the impact of sugar calories on body fat thereby reducing digestive absorption.

L-Carnitine is a fat burning compound that transfers fat into the mitochondria chambers in your body cells. This will be metabolized into energy and are not stored as fat.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that helps improve liver, skin, joints and muscle health. L-Ornithine is also a muscle building amino acid that also helps eliminate body fat.

Beta-Alanine is an energy booster that helps improve strength, endurance and also supports fat burning processes. Tyrosine is known as a stress reducer while supporting better appetite control.

Speaking of appetite control, hoodia gordonii is known throughout the weight loss industry as an appetite suppressant.

L-Glutamine helps enhance your memory and is known in the fitness world as a muscle protector.

Is Transformation Diet Drops Safe?

If you look at some of the reviews on Amazon, you will notice that it has tons of good reviews. However, there are equal numbers of negative reviews and most of these reviews are pertaining to side effects, inefficacy and its bad taste.

Some of the complaints were heart palpitations and mouth burning sensations. While some people experienced good results with this brand, there are tons of complaints about its ineffectiveness for weight loss and appetite suppression.

If you happen to have positive result with Transformation Diet Drops, please use our comment section below to share your opinion regarding this brand.

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Transformation Diet Drops Reviews

This does not work. I wasted money on garbage. No instructions, diet plan, or nothing. I dont recommend buying this product at all.

This product didnt work worth the flip. I would put it under my tounge like the instructions told to do so and it only made my mouth burn and my tounge tingle. Not worth the time, effort, or money. Look into something different.

I bought this and it makes you gain weight and also my liver test was off hmmm imagine that.thats kinda scary to be honest,anyway it wasnt worth buying and i wanted to try something that could help me since i have a busy life etc and this folks is not it sorry

I went with these drops because they got such great reviews. I agree! These really help me feel less hungry between meals. There were some mornings that I would wake up starving, I would take the drops and would be able to get ready for work without feeling like I was going to eat my shoe! I was on the diet for 18 days and lost 12 1/2 lbs. Great jump start before the holidays.

I used this product for a few days, and it gave me severe heart palpitations. I will never use this again as I almost had to go to the ER three times. I am 30 years old and I thought I was having a heart attack. Once I stopped the drops, I never got them again.

Directions of Use

For adults, you can take 10 to 12 drops, three times per day or as directed by your physician or a healthcare provider. Place drops under your tongue and hold for 2 minutes.

You should not drink within 15 minutes of taking the drops. Do not exceed this dosage.

It is still advisable to consult your doctor before taking this brand or any other diet drop brands you stumble with online.


Transformation Diet Drops is quite an impressive brand inside and out. However, BSkinny has to tweak its formula to make it more effective and probably, improve its taste. Its official website should also be modified as well as its ridiculous marketing claims.

The ingredients are fine and seems to be natural, but there seems to be more side effects than benefits.

You can check the price of Transformation Diet Drops directly on its Amazon sales page.


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22 thoughts on “Transformation Diet Drops

  1. Nyesha

    I really like the drops. It really helps me to loose weight for my wedding lost five pounds within two weeks and I can see the difference… I would definitely recommend this to My friends.

    1. noah Post author

      Hi Nyesha, thank you for sharing your experience with Transformation Diet Drops.

      1. Liza

        I mean, 10 drops per use? So if its 3x a day that only means 30drops per day?

        1. noah Post author

          Ten drops I believe is equal to 1 to 2ml. So you will use about 6ml maximum per day. A bottle with that dose will only last 10 days.

          I am not completely sure about this though. You may want to contact BSkinny Global for accurate directions.


  2. brittany gallego

    Are you supposed to swallow it after leaving it in your mouth for 2 minutes or are you supposed to spit it out?

    1. noah Post author

      Hi Brittany,

      Just sent a message to BSkinny Global to address your inquiry. Lets just wait for their reply.


  3. brittany gallego

    Also, how does putting the drops under your tongue help weight loss?

    1. noah Post author

      Hi Brittany,

      All dietary drops are put under the tongue because it comes in contact with the mucous membrane. All the formulas in a certain liquid supplement will diffuse through this membrane and will be distributed all over your body using your circulatory system.
      With this in mind, the formula will reach your stored fat which will later mobilized to be used as energy resources. So in short, diet drops are much more convenient and safe compared to painful injections and big diet pills.


  4. Domi

    Do you swallow the drops after they have been under your tongue for 2 minutes?

    1. noah Post author

      Hey Domi,

      There are no information about that on Amazon. But all diet drops are taken orally so most probably, you have to swallow the liquid after holding it on your tongue.

      You can contact them directly here for accurate directions –


  5. Terri

    The dropper isn’t marked wt anythg so how do I knw how much to put in the dropper or my mouth at each time?

  6. yami

    All I got to say is that this drops do work!!! today is my 10th day using them and ive lost 8pounds so far. In order for the drops to work you have to have fallow the instructions and fallow the diet they set for you. So if you really want to loose weight and you are willing to fallow the instructions go for it if not don’t waist your time… Its very hard but is possible just think about your main goal and your dream body 🙂

  7. Amu

    I received my drops today…no specific diet instructions provided. What can you tell me about what & how much I need to be eating?

    1. N.M. Rodolfo Post author

      You need to contact the merchant directly. Thanks

  8. George

    I’m in my first week of using these drops. I only use four to five drops three times a day. I defiantly felt things change in the first 48 hours. It really seems to be an amazing appetite suppressant. I skip break fast as recommended and hold to around 500+/- calories per day. I eat a lot of grilled chicken breast, great protein and low calories. I can’t state this any other way but to say I don’t feel any food cravings, I don’t feel hungry. And I do feel an energy boost, which I can’t explain for any reason. I do 32 min of cardio five days a week. While I really hate the thought of doing cardio, once I decide to get going I do fine with no weak effects from the low calorie intake. I have lost 6.4 pounds, and this week isn’t over. I’ll be the first to admit I was very skeptical about this product, but it was referred to me from a coworker who lost over 40 pounds using it. It’s just my first week, but to this point I’m a big believer in what it does/how it works. I actually need to remind myself that I must eat food, this is very strange. The taste seems fine to me, I say give this a shot. It will probably blow your mind with how it works.

    Best of luck to all, George

    1. Wendy

      Its Thursday March 31 2016.. How would you rate your results now? And the product?

  9. Nette

    I am using the drops and I have no complaints. Of coarse there is going to be those who complain because some people are just designed to be unhappy. Everybody’s body is not design the same so some are going to have side effect. But overall the average user like myself I have lost weight even through the holidays and I am very impressed with the product.

  10. Nalini

    I DONT SEE how it works for people who are vegetarians. they are very unclear . And is the weight loss for vegetarians the same?


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