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By | September 30, 2014

Vital Weight Loss XL is an homeopathic weight loss remedy and is marketed as a side effects-free supplement. This brand does have several beneficial claims but unfortunately, there are not enough information online that can support these claims.

Its ingredients alone are not indicated on its official website and some of its important information can only be found on its online supplement retailers.

Can Vital Weight Loss XL truly have the ability to suppress your appetite? Is it the most ideal supplement for your weight loss needs? Read on and learn more about this product in this short but detailed review.

Vital Weight Loss XL


  • Homeopathic remedy
  • Supports energy increase
  • Helps reduce appetite
  • 45-days money back guarantee


  • Limited information
  • Mix customer reviews
  • Questionable ingredients
  • May trigger side effects

Liddell Vital Weight Loss XL
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So Vital Weight Loss XL is basically an appetite suppressant that also claims to help boost energy and metabolism while preventing excessive fluid retention.

This brand is owned and distributed by Liddell Laboratories, one of the most reputable vitamin and drug manufacturer that is also FDA-registered company. Vital Weight Loss XL is one of its popular spray supplement brands.

What makes this spray unique is its ability to increase your fat loss by suppressing your appetite. According to Liddell, this brand is safe for children 12 years and above. Since dietary supplements are not designed for children, this feature of Vital Weight Loss XL needs to have a second look especially that its ingredients are not published on its official website.

Ingredients of Vital Weight Loss XL?

According to some sources (since Liddell Lab doesn’t disclose its formula), Vital Weight Loss XL’s main ingredients are composed of known weight loss agents and some herbs that are considered to be laxatives and diuretics.

The formula is composed of nux vomica, pancreatinum, petroselinum, galium aparine, garcinia cambogia, thuja occidentalis, thyroidinum, zingiber officinale, histaminum hydrochloricum, antimonium crudum, apis mellifica, capsicum, fucus vesiculosus, hamamelis virginica and hepar.

How does Vital Weight Loss XL Work?

As you can see from its ingredients list, only capsicum (fat burner) and garcinia cambogia are the only prominent weight loss agents and the rest are completely in their scientific names.

vital weight loss xl Again, there are no official statements published in Liddell Laboratories that explains how Vital Weight Loss XL truly works. With the presence of garcinia cambogia, we can say the least that it does promote weight loss but there are no details on how much amounts of garcinia extract are in its formula. The same goes with its other ingredients especially capsicum, a fat burning compound.

I also noticed that most of the ingredients are designed to help aid digestive problems (laxatives) which I believe was purposely included to support its appetite suppressing benefit claim. It also has several ingredients that promotes urine production (diuretic).

So let me dissect Vital Weight Loss XL’s formula to give you a better insight if this supplement can truly help you lose weight.

Nux Vomica

According to Liddell Labs, nux vomica can help reduce your hunger feelings which helps promote weight loss. While there are reports of appetite stimulating effects, there are no conclusive studies that supports this claim.

In contrary, nux vomica is a very dangerous herb that is used to help treat diseases of the digestive tract, erectile dysfunction, heart issues and circulatory system.

But nux vomica is also highly toxic to humans if taken in high amounts of 30mg or more. It can trigger anxiety, dizziness, spasms, convulsion, seizures, breathing probles, liver failure and even death. Nux is also used by some companies who manufacturers rat poision, imagine that!

Source: Nux Vomica – WebMD

Galium Aparine

Galium aparine or better known as cleavers, is a plant herb that is commonly found in teas and acts as a diuretic and lymphatic. It is used to help aid lymph system disorders, but were known for its skin repair properties.

But galium aparine also has negative adverse effects. Since this herb also acts as a mild sedative, it can help lower blood pressure without slowing heart rate. Other known side effect includes unpleasant localized rash when made contact to the skin.

Source: Galium Aparine – WikiPedia

Thuja Occidentalis

Thuja occidentalis is an evergreen plant fount in North America and in some parts of Europe. It is widely promoted as a herbal remedy for dozens of medical conditions such as cancers. Herbalists used this herb as a diuretic to increase urination and as an astringent to help purify the blood, reduce inflammation and detox.

But thuja occidentalis has no human clinical studies to support these claimed benefits. In some reports, thuja is linked to toxic effects that causes health problems (mainly due to its thujone content).

Some side effects that people experienced with thuja occidentalis includes asthma attacks, intestinal irritation, excess nervous system stimulation and may even support spontaneous abortion in pregnant women (miscarriage). Its cancer-fighting properties are also not completely supported by science.

Source: Thuja – American Cancer Society

Fucus Vesiculosus

Liddell Laboratories claims that fucus vesiculosus can help improve thyroid function and aids in digestion. While there are reports from some articles about these health claims, there are no official clinical studies that proved that this herb can truly produce these effects.

Better known as bladderwrack, this herb is often not recommended for any medicinal use, especially for weight loss. Bladderwrack contains high concentrations of iodine, which could worsen or cause thyroid problems, not improve them. Some other potential side effects includes stomach irritations, acne, increased salivation and many others.

Source: Fucus Vesiculosus – LiveStrong

Other ingredients on Vital Weight Loss XL are known herb extracts that are either diuretic or laxatives. The only weight loss agents are capsicum (thermogenic) and garcinia cambogia (appetite suppressant).

Is Vital Weight Loss XL Safe?

As mentioned above, Vital Weight Loss XL pose too many health concerns for you and is definitely not ideal for children and pregnant women, which is contradicts its claims.

Vital Weight Loss XL has too many laxatives and diuretics on its formula, making it unideal for your weight loss program. Let see some customer testimonials from various online review sites.

Vital Weight Loss XL Reviews

Some satisfied customers said:

Product actually reduces appetite and so less food makes me feel full. A weight loss product that is safe and works as promised. Sure worth a try if you’re on a diet – it was for me. It’s not dramatic, but eating less at a meal and not getting hungry between meals is a sure bet to reach and keep a weight goal.

This REALLY works! I have hypothyroid and have a hard time losing weight! Im already buying 2 more bottles after my first purchase last week!.

Working with a doctor for thryoid replacement therapy, this is the best product that helps me the most.

I love the Liddell homeopathic sprays. They’re so easy to use and I have yet to try one that was not effective. I haven’t been real consistent using this spray, yet I can tell a difference on the days I use it versus when I didn’t use it. I can go longer between meals without snacking, even when I just take it once in the morning.

Some negative reviews includes:

If I could spell bad another way but B.A.D. I would have, very poor quality, stay away! I spent almost a $100.00 buying the stuff, I wish I could pawn it off on someone, but can not do it in good conscious! Very Poor Quality, Good fluff but B.A.D Product line-

Total waste of money! havent even lost a pound!

It didn’t work as well as I had expected it to, won’t by again

Read more testimonials here.


Vital Weight Loss XL could have been a very impressive brand if Liddell Labs only published more information about it in its official website. Lack of information makes this brand unworthy of your health investment and is truly a questionable brand with regards to both efficacy and safety.

Based on my research about its ingredients, Vital Weight Loss XL is neither ideal for children nor for pregnant women. It is also dangerous for dieters who do fad diets as it promotes laxative and detoxification effects.

If you still want to try this brand, you can purchase one here or at any online health supplement retailers that offers Liddell Lab brands.


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